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ICO Bitminer Factory: The Renewable Cryptomining Factory

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by Mr Charles, Aug 14, 2018.

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    According to the website, - Blockchain made Sustainable Bitminer Factory is a leading cryptocurrency Mining Operation fed with Renewable Energy and managed by a Team of clean energy and mining experts. By purchasing BMF tokens with ETH or BTC you are entitled to use our Mining Assets and Services and receive your part of the cryptos generated by the Mining Operation.

    The BMF token provide its owner the right to a portion of the total profits of the Mining Operations installed and operated by Bitminer Factory by making use of the earnings obtained from this sale. BMF is a Tokenized Mining Contract that owners can sell to another. BMF token owners can exercise their rights with respect to Bitminer Factory based on our Terms of Sales, published on this website.

    The blockchain and mining have been successful and therefore on the lips of entrepreneurs in the last few years, and have noticed greater interest coppled with the rise in the value of bitcoins and the likes. It is on record that many people believe that blockchain will innovate and transform businesses and economies.

    Nevertheless, cryptocurrency Mining is an energy demanding activity and invariably has the potential of a huge carbon footprint, which demands attention.

    The major challenge faced by cryptocurrency investmentsis the surge in the price of oil.
    There is danger being sounded every where on the hazards of indiscriminate energy utilization in relation to cryptocurrency Mining.

    In recent times, a greater part of the annual power generation capacity comes from renewable.Bitminer Factory are promoting an Initial Contract Offering (“ICO”), whereby Mining Contracts are offered to their Clients.

    The “BMF” token, an ERC-20 token built on the ETH platform, represents a Mining Contract between Token Holders and Bitminer Factory.
    Operations will be continued until marginal revenues will be higher than marginal costs, i.e. until operations remain profitable.

    BMF Token Holders may benefit from the mining contract embedded in the BMF Token by Holding It, Trading It or participating in the BuyBack Plan.

    Holders will benefit from yearly payouts in Cryptos that will be proportional to the amount of BMF each Token Holder has in relation to the overall amount of BMF Tokens in circulation.

    The Graphics Processor Units were initially designed to improve the 3D graphics of the most demanding video games. They are much faster than the main computer processors at doing specific calculations, and, therefore are very suitable to mine cryptocurrencies. More so GPUs couple cutting-edge speed with high flexibility: they can mine dozens of different cryptocurrencies, executing various algorithms, and can adapt to evolving market conditions, always working on the most profitable problems.

    The use of the most effective, cost-efficient and durable GPUs is highly recommended While it is comparatively easy to identify the most effective models.

    Owning custom-designed renewable power plants will allow for the achievement of even lower electricity cost for various operations, cutting all the intermediaries

    between energy production and consumption. In addition excess energy will be sold to the national grid, generating an additional, very stable stream of profits, to be used for the token-holders and for reinvestment in the operations.

    When you are purchasing BMF, you are buying a service, the BMF token, which carries the rights specified in Mining Contract. You will have
    access to any Token Strategy without any


    Website: - Blockchain made Sustainable



    Telegram: Bitminer Factory ICO

    Twitter: Bitminer Factory (@Bitminerfactory) | Twitter

    Facebook: Bitminer Factory

    Bitcointalk: [ANN]Bitminer Factory : BLOCKCHAIN MADE SUSTAINABLE

    Instagram: Bitminer Factory (@bitminer_factory) • Instagram photos and videos


    Medium: Bitminer Factory – Medium

    YouTube: Bitminer Factory
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