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Bitcoin Mining Update: How Much Can 1th/s Hashpower Earn For You?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Prezzy, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    Are you wondering what it's like mining bitcoins in terms of how profitable the business venture/investment is presently?
    I have something here for you.
    meanwhile, you should check: How To Start Bitcoin Mining In Nigeria & Make Money

    I think that we all know that Bitcoin mining is profitable. The question is how profitable is it?
    I will be using data from Hashflare to talk briefly about this.

    How much will 1TH/s make for you?

    upload_2018-4-19_11-39-12.png-Bitcoin Mining Update: How Much Can 1th/s Hashpower Earn For You?

    from the picture above, which many of us that mines with hashflare will recognize signifies that Bitcoin mining with hashflare right now will fetch about 0.00007BTC for every TH/S.

    That does not account for the maintenance fees which will still be deducted from it before your real profit is credited.

    Is this the Universal profit i.e profits that can be realised with other companies as well?
    I don't think there is much difference but i will need to confirm first before i can rule anything on that.

    Profits is dynamic with Mining
    If you have been mining for a while, am sure you know this. Generally, when Bitcoin is riising, mining becomes even more profitable. and vice versa.

    Future Updates
    I will also be posting updates on how much 1TH/s will be able to earn for you using data from hashflare mining and other reliable sources.

    tell me.. are you still bullish on mining???
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  3. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    I think am beginning to like staking than mining now
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  4. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    for real?

    please enlighten us bro
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  5. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

    which coin is cool to stake now?
  6. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Most of those staking coins are high in price now so,we just need to stay close for new one and invest at Early stage
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  7. Adigun

    Adigun Active

    Am lost on this mining things, i just register on hashflare and i have 0.0000000056 BTC, pls how does the minig works so my bitcoin can grow fast?
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  8. SIC

    SIC Active

    When is that thread happening?!
  9. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    Buy more hashrate but i dont think it is advisable to invest in hashflare right now
  10. SIC

    SIC Active

    Hashing24 IS NOT PROFITABLE!

    Especially for a new User, buy contracts at those auction that should be ok.


    Then before you give away your valuable crypto's please ensure to use a mining calc in other to know what your returns will be.

    You Have Been Warned !!!!

    You can still manage Register | HashFlare as a new user

    There are also some great mining companies here: Compare Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency cloud contracts, mining equipment, mining companies and mining pools |

    ensure you read the reviews CAREFULLY!
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  11. SIC

    SIC Active

    Samole.JPG-Bitcoin Mining Update: How Much Can 1th/s Hashpower Earn For You? Sample.JPG-Bitcoin Mining Update: How Much Can 1th/s Hashpower Earn For You? Sample1.JPG-Bitcoin Mining Update: How Much Can 1th/s Hashpower Earn For You? See For Yourselves
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  12. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

  13. Prezzy

    Prezzy Leader Protector

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