Bitcoin Lightening Network Hit Record Capacity. Its Implication

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    Fundermental are pointing bullish for bitcoin despite being bearish. One of such fundermentals is bitcoin lightening network.

    Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is hitting new highs and records across the board in terms of implementation.

    According to data released from the monitoring resource, the website confirmed that the number of active nodes, channels and overall transaction capacity experienced over the month on the Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, are all higher than ever in its thirteen-month since its inception.

    In the past 30 days, the network has seen impressive growth in terms of numbers which are as follows,

    Number of Lightning nodes: 6,085; up 14.55%

    Number of Lightning channels: 24,647; up 27.2%

    Network capacity: 656.94 bitcoin (BTC); up 15%

    The increase in network size comes as Bitcoin’s “layer 2” payment protocol continues to grow at a very rapid pace and gain publicity beyond the Bitcoin technical community to be a more user-driven interactive network to get the people familiarized with how the system works.

    This boards well for increase in bitcoin adoption
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