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Bitcoin In 2018 A Must Read

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by philipj, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. philipj

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    This is a must read for us. This is coming from a powerful source. I just copied and paste. Please share your thought after reading

    Bitcoin BTC in 2018

    Why is it important to hold at least 50% of your portfolio value in BTC?

    Mr.Y here with a very important topic. I often advise holding at least half of your portfolio in BTC in the premium chat (to join contact on Telegram: @bwregisterbot ). Now we decided to explain this further, because this is very important. First, BTC is the lead currency. Without Bitcoin there would have been no Altcoins, and if Bitcoin dies all Altcoins will die with it.

    Bitcoin is the most valuable digital asset and for a good reason. Bitcoin is the only truly decentralized and leaderless cryptocurrency in existence. There is no man to arrest and no company to close, it cannot be stopped. Second, it is the most secure cryptocurrency out there.

    Nothing matches with the hash power that is used to secure the network. People often make the mistake to think that BTC is wasting energy or polluting the environment. This is not true. The energy in PoW is consumed to anchor the Bitcoin blockchain into the real world, because a real life asset (energy) is consumed to secure it. Satoshi's design is architected that every miner must use a scarce asset and consume it to prove that he has made a financial effort to participate. This scarce resource is computing power, fueled by energy.

    Miners have to put work up to participate, so if they hurt the network they have a financial loss. That is the true meaning of Proof-of-Work. And the higher this effort combined is the higher the cost of attacking the network. In order to take control over the BTC blockchain one must have 51% hashrate. The financial cost of energy is higher than the money that can be gained by overtaking. This incentive mechanism makes Bitcoin by far the most secure blockchain.

    Another common mistake is to think that Bitcoin is slow and not contemporary. This couldn't be further from the truth. It is right that other, smaller projects integrate innovations like SegWit or atomic swaps faster, but not because they are advanced. It is because with BTC stability and security are above else, they test everything a hundred times before implementing. and BTC will likely inhabitate most of the features of Altcoins in Layer2 solutions. Fast payments are coming with the Lightning Network, smart contracts with Rootstock, side chains with Drivechains, privacy with MimbleWimble and Schnorr signatures.

    Another important factor is institutional money, do you think they will invest in DApps or tokens? no, they won't. They will buy either a scarce store of value (BTC) or cashflow generating (through PoS) platforms like ETH or Cardano. They will buy the fat protocols, not the light applications. So, many people are all-in in Altcoins.

    Don't do that!

    You will get wrecked at some time. We trade these shitcoins to gain Sats. That is the name of the game. Look at coinmarketcap two years ago, most of the names in the Top-20 you won't remember. And it will be the same in 2 years.

    I cannot state enough how important it is to have at least 50% BTC in your portfolio.

    Look at REQ for example, it was all the rage 6 months ago, went from 6 cents to over 1$.
    Everyone said it is the future of commerce, now it is trading at 10 cents and the project lost contracts and devs. It is broken and it will fade away. Look at NANO, completely rekt.
    Also, it could very well be that the next bullrun is different than what we know.

    Who says that tokens will live again? We don't know. But we know that this space matures at a fast pace. And it is likely that a shitcoin bingo like 2017 won't happen again. And a Bitcoin ETF is coming. If it is there the price will explode like it did in the old times with the first Gold ETF. It will be possible for the first time to get exposure to BTC price appreciation without the need of holding the asset yourself. This will be big. You have to understand, no Wall Street Player will buy Dragonchain, Nebulas or Dentacoin.

    Institutional guys will buy BTC and ETH. And you should always take profits and stock BTC up. If you don't then you will get rekt when they bubble bursts and you hold hundreds of thousands of because you loved fast gains more then buying Amazon stocks. Yes, altcoins can gain faster but this doesn't benefit you if you don't take profits and end up with dead tokens.

    Please think about what I am saying. This advice is free and comes from Blockchain Whispers.
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    worse still, if you attempt to hurt the network and fail, you will run a great loss! and there is a bigger chance that you will fail
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