Best Websites To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria At Cheap Rate

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    For those that are looking to buy Bitcoins here in Nigeria safe and fast, you can do so on now! Just chat with us @ Buy Bitcoins In Nigeria At Central Bank Of Bitcoins Jackobian

    I want to drop my favourite sites in buying in Nigeria

    On my number 1 spot I have NAIRAEX

    1. NAIRAEX
    IMG_20170112_001715_529.JPG-Best Websites To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria At Cheap Rate
    I know that the moment some of u saw this topic u knew NAIRAEX will be number 1

    NairaEx is the leading bitcoin and perfect money certified exchange partner in Nigeria with thousands of satisfied customers and counting.

    NairaEx makes transaction very easy, secure and fast

    Currently on NairaEx 1BTC=#426375.9

    Exchanging E-Currencies, Bitcoin and even Naira is easy with us! Just follow these 3 simple steps:

    1. Go to and create an account.
    2. Place your buy or sell order
    3. Pay for your order. We exchange funds and send payment at the rate confirmed on the website.

    For general questions or inquiries – Chat with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    Live Chat at
    Facebook: NairaEx
    BBM: NairaEx (58F554BC)
    WhatsApp: 08093529360
    Twitter: Naira Exchange (@NairaEx) on Twitter
    Webchat: NairaEx
    Email: hello(at)
    Call at 07017584228 or US/Canada Toll free: 1 (888) 809-3915
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    More loading.... Which site do u think will take the second spot???
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  5. onemole

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    Nice, I would check it out and if it delivers what it claims, will recommend to my friends.

    Sounds like promotion to me and not bad is just that your title says websites and it would have made a whole lot of sense if you gave us others which made the list.

    Just my thought.

    Thanks for sharing.


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  6. Authority

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  7. Authority

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    IMG_20170112_060944_060.JPG-Best Websites To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria At Cheap Rate
    This site highest!!!
    I love this site, we have sellers of bitcoin at good rate here and incase u r new here u can buy bitcoin from prezzy here
    And from Tutucious here Hot - Buy Your Bitcoin Here
    Am proud of this site mehn...although we r not at the top but we have come far to the extent that I can see my friend on the road or on WhatsApp and refer them to jackobian because if they ask me the benefits of being a jackobian I will proudly tell them because here on jackobian we sell bitcoin at good rate, we also give scholarship.... Make I no deviate o

    Buying bitcoin on jackobian is very easy
    1. Just make ur order
    2. Make ur payments
    3. Drop ur proof and receive ur bitcoins. Not two ways about it

    I didn't put jackobian on my number two spot just because the price is cheap but they r also fast and reliable.

    We have been selling bitcoin for over a month and no complaints..... That's a PLUS to us.

    No 3 loading....
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    IMG_20170112_064108_434.JPG-Best Websites To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria At Cheap Rate
    Localbitcoins a popular p2p (person to person) transactions all over the world. Simply put, you interact directly with the guy selling to you just like Out of all the bitcoin sites listed here, this is one of the first and most reputed. Escrow and dispute resolution is provided by the site.

    U have different sellers at cheap rate from all over the world

    If u go there right now u would see guys wet they find money

    Some sell at the rate of #400000 per bitcoin

    •PayPal also available meaning u can make payment through paypal

    •No verification needed

    Its on my number 3 spot for a reason

    There r risks associated with anonymous transaction I ain't saying doesn't have risk but common u should Trust @Prezzy by now....he's a guy that wouldn't want to tarnish his image

    Also some bank accounts have been suspended after receiving payments from localbitcoins

    IMG_20170112_064052_467.JPG-Best Websites To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria At Cheap Rate
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    IMG_20170112_081436_739.JPG-Best Websites To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria At Cheap Rate
    This is a bitcoin wallet and my favourite
    I don't have much to say about this

    Bitx transaction is very fast and also very cheap

    It sells #485.92/$
    It has an android application... U can get it on playstore
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  10. Prezzy

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    are you sure about that bro?
  11. Prezzy

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    I think that's the shortest there is and you can even skip no. 2!
  12. Authority

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    IMG_20170112_082021_336.JPG-Best Websites To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria At Cheap Rate
    This site is another good site for buying Btc

    U just have to place ur order without registering

    It is a little bit cheap but jackobian is better

    Their current price of bitcoin. In naira is 432,264

    And $771.9 =1btc

    Which means $1=#560
  13. Authority

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    Screenshot_20170112-082724.png-Best Websites To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria At Cheap Rate
    Calculate urself bro
  14. Authority

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    1btc on bitx is 374,974.50
    And also $771.03

    Which makes #485/$
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  15. Raz_

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    Btc price seems to be falling lately though
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  16. Authority

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    Yes o

    LARIOUS CODE Upcoming

    Here is their latest price per Bitcoin Screenshot_2017-01-12-09-36-16.png-Best Websites To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria At Cheap Rate
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  18. Raz_

    Raz_ Upcoming

    I read on coindesk though that the reason for the previous spike in price was cos of Chinese mogul laundering money out of China to avoid d coming devaluation of their currency, and some other regulations they're putting in place regarding btc. I expect it to stabilise around $720/btc
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  19. Authority

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    It has fell to even 385,999
  20. dan united

    dan united Jackobian

    It will keep falling i guess
  21. Authority

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    Its rising again o
  22. Authority

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    $827 now
  23. Prezzy

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    Xapo tells me $826.
    Crazy crypto:(
  24. Authority

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    Xapo currencies 830
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  25. Prezzy

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    OMG!! I can't believe bitcoin was only 300k.

    Some People go dey cry now.
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  26. Prezzy

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    We are rocking $3800 now! So hot
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  27. Prezzy

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  28. Prezzy

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  29. Authority

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    I dey tell u
  30. Precious Onyejegbu

    Precious Onyejegbu Rookie!!! is also very good to buy and sell Bitcoin and other Altcoins. One good thing you can buy and sell any Cryptocurrency that has entered market there not just bitcoin, if you want to buy or sell any coin not listed on their website simply contact their customer care they will attend to you .

    They also provide bitcoin wallet meaning you can generate bitcoin address, store your bitcoins, send and receive too on the site.

    There services are good and fast. Often times they attend to you within 30mins you make purchase