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    Speaking of where to trade your cryptocurrency in Nigeria, it's a very Important topic and new users and Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency traders in this country can easily get confused as to which way to go. I haven't lacked questions about this here in the forums either as someone always wants to know how and where to buy this cryptocurrency. In this thread, I will give you an elaborate update on this issue and I hope you find it helpful in your journey of Crypto Trading!

    My Experience with Trading - Chosing the Best Platform for Crypto Exchange

    Haven dealt in the business for a while now, I got to understand that there is really no BEST TRADING PLATFORM for crypto dealers.

    Did that come as a shock?

    Maybe but it's the truth. All these websites are created by people who understands the fact that possibly millions of people will be flocking in to move their money around in their millions too!
    It makes a lot of sense to imagine that they have taken zero chances to letting loopholes or harsh problems exist in their system. They wouldn't just do that.

    Secondly, they all have loyal customers, mostly those that have also traded in other platforms too. So, why would they all have a sizeable number of users when some are poorer than others?

    Lastly, they all look similar!
    Lols, if you have traded before then you will agree with me. It's always the same structure and organization just a few little tweaks here and there.

    The same graph shows at the top with two widgets for selling and buying below it and maybe another for lending then maybe a box that shows people's bids too!

    In most cryptocurrency trading platforms, To the top right, you mostly see an option to switch the crypto you wanna trade or just something very similar. They are all like a clone of each other and for whatever reason they do this, I don't know. Also, most of these trading companies give the same value of altcoins in terms of price to their customers and users. Nothing ever really changes.

    It's Either Good or Bad!

    That's what it is. From what I said above there is no best so it's either you are good or you are bad. It's either your platform is ready to be used or it's just out of shape in which case, Noone can make use of it.

    Criteria for Cryptocurrency Exchange Websites Listed Here

    They all have these in common, Acceptance which equally means a lot of users trading on the platform.
    Ease of use which means you can access them on mobile and pc too.
    Uptime and security which means they all hold their security measures in high regards as they should.
    Good track record which means they have all been considered successful trading platforms by those who have used them to trade in the last!

    1. 4 Exchange Sites For Bitcoin|altcoins Trading In Nigeria

    If you have some experience with Cryptocurrency Trading, am sure that you won't be surprised about this at all. is by far the most popular among them all and have been around for quite a long time.
    I started trading alternate cryptocurrencies with too and since then have not seen any reason to discredit them for anything.

    Am sure you started with them too. Going to the website, you can see a platform made ready to exchange round the clock without any breaks and that's exactly what happens here. Traders are always on the go from all over the world and I can say that the things that happens at daily accounts for a huge part of what we see in the Coinmarketcap website. The fluctuations, swift changes and all, has a big part to play here.

    Poloniex's Chat Box chat box.png-Best 4 Exchange Sites For Bitcoin|altcoins Trading In Nigeria

    One of the most interesting/appealing things about is the little chat box to the right inside the website dashboard. This widget allows traders to communicate and some people even predict what might happen next, which cryptos might go up or down and at which time so that others can see and adopt their trade. They've got pros and aces in there and new people in crypto exchange can surely benefit by being a part of this community.

    One draw back about Poloniex Website :cool:

    I see only one problem here. They don't trade so many altcoins. You may argue that this isn't true but in fact, it is! They only have about 200 or so which is not up to have the cryptocurrencies out there. Even popular ones Los e-dinar is not available on and whatever the reason for this, I have no idea but it impacts on their website too because people that want to trade in the early coins will have to leave to go to other exchanges to do so and that's one of the reasons why I opened accounts in other places.

    Using to Trade Cryptos in Nigeria?

    Here's the tutorial on how to do this => [] Convert Any Cryptocurrency To Another - Also Fund With Bitcoins!

    I think you should definitely do this. You have no fears about security and the safety of your cryptos as they have taken care of that.
    Trade in so many of these cryptos and cash out anytime you need it unless they are doing wallet maintenance.
    Take advantage of the chat box I described above to communicate and get information that will help you to become a better trader yourself on

    The platform was really built to last. Why not join and last along with it?
    The answer is yours and like I said earlier, it all boils down to what you want.

    The second trading platform we have is..

    2. Bitfinex

    Bitfinex beautiful.png-Best 4 Exchange Sites For Bitcoin|altcoins Trading In Nigeria

    This is my second trading platform that I somehow fell in love with. I don't use them anyway but everything in this platform has been tailored and tuned to provide the best experience in trading for crypto dealers.

    Problems of Bitfinex?
    Before I go further, let me point out the major challenge with Bitfinex. It's the number of Cryptocurrencies that you can buy and sell here.
    I think it's just about 8 if them and this is not good for any reason unless the one that I don't know about anyway.

    I don't know if Bitfinex is new and just trying to make their website gain some trust before they ship in the altcoins or what but whichever one it is they are doing, I sincerely hope they do it fast and do the necessary Because the interface is too good to waste on just a few cryptos.

    What about other things I like about Bitfinex Exchange Platform?

    Quite a lot of them. I think the most important of them is the website theme. It's unique and very beautiful. I don't know how they came up with that but once you get inside the trading dashboard, you get the feeling that you are here to trade!
    I think you should go check it out yourself and see how cool It is.

    Besides that, I like the notification system and the site structure. For example, withdrawing your cryptos in this platform is way different than what you have in the others. You need to confirm through your email like twice and you need to fill out a Captcha code unlike anything you see elsewhere. That's not all, the Captcha which you fill can still be somewhat modified from inside the settings page which is hilarious.
    You can also lock an address to be used with your account and all sorts of measures introduced to combat anything that's not proper. It gets tiring but I also feel it's worth it especially when you are trading in very large volumes.

    Are you a control freak? You should definitely be on Bitfinex my dear.
    Are you a love of beauty and order? Bitfinex is calling you too.
    Do you love a conducive and quiet place to trade? Bitfinex has that too!

    As long as they introduce some other Cryptos, am happy with them and you will be too.

    On to the third crypto exchange platform!

    How to trade on Bitfinex Video

    3. 4 Exchange Sites For Bitcoin|altcoins Trading In Nigeria

    Speaking of volume and beauty, you've got Bitfinex to trade with. I learned about it while I was searching for how I can buy one particular altcoin and since then, It's as though I could not let go.

    They equally focused on beauty and providing traders with a wide range of options to trade in crypto. They have about all the major and minor cryptos and this is the kind of thing that traders need... Access to invest in other cryptos that are young and many have not known about them. It's awesome and I don't know how they did it but It still is.

    Haven traded here for a while, I observed that their platform is great on PC and good on MOBILE.
    I realized that on mobile, you still need to switch to DESKTOP VIEW In order to be able to use properly else you will be having lots of problems. It might not even load properly or it might lag too much or take time to load or so many other things.
    This is equally common with other platforms but well pronounced on

    On, there's much less friction for doing things like you see on Bitfinex and they ring your email less time than Bitfinex does. Sending and receiving is less stressful which kinda makes it less stressful for an invader also!
    Although they will ring your email each time you log in.

    I will describe as the place you will most likely go to when no other exchange platform has what you are looking for. The last thing I will like to say is that they didn't go for a deep color instead and they chosed the light ones like blue, red and white. This is unlike most crypto exchange websites and it makes them unique too.
    Go check it out now!

    How to trade Cryptocurrency on

    Watch this video for steps..


    C-cex.png-Best 4 Exchange Sites For Bitcoin|altcoins Trading In Nigeria

    This is the last one I will be talking about today. In fact, before ever I started trading, C-cex is the website with which I made my first altcoins purchase. After that, I have not used it ever again to make another transaction and there's no reason for this in particular
    I think the reason why I used it then was that it's the only one available for the crypto I wanted and as it's not the most popular exchange website, the next time I wanted to trade, I got supplied which I started using.

    I have been to C-cex a number of times since then and looked around too but haven't traded.

    Many people use C-cex too and I can say that one of the things about C-cex is that they might not really have so many cryptos just like Bitfinex hence many poems don't come here to trade.

    For someone like me that chose where to trade based on the fact I see in coinmarketcap, I hardly ever see Bitfinex or C-cex, instead, and are always there so am always with them too!

    Makes sense?
    I don't know how C-cex admins operate their platform but I strongly believe that they can do more to get and keep people's interest there starting from advertising and being in front of people in major places like coinmarketcap.

    I don't see any problems with C-cex just as I don't see any very special thing about them because I haven't used them well but am sure that they have been around for a while and have their own locals as a Crypto exchange community hence they have some really good things about them which is what you will find out if you use them yourself!

    So which is the best trading platform?
    Lols, am sure you won't be able to answer yourself.

    Anywhere you wanna trade, you are welcome to do so. All secure and good to go. Nothing too special about any and all ready to serve you.

    Hop into one of them and get going.
    Is there anything I missed? Am not talking about other trading platforms because I know that there are lots of awesome ones that I left out here but is there any general thing I missed that could have been here?

    Please provide it with the box below!

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