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Buzz Be A Solo Investor In Bitcoin And Be Your Own Boss (0% Risk)

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by phyzyprogrammer, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. phyzyprogrammer

    phyzyprogrammer GrandMaster

    Source: Be a Solo Investor In Bitcoin And be your own Boss (0% Risk)
    You probably might be wondering what it is to be a SOLO INVESTOR! in Bitcoin

    This is a personal investment, And it is also for future investors and for you!, To get started with this kind of investment, you need to know that this is a Future purpose investment so you need to be looking forward into like 7-12months before your Earnings will Double or triple or even more (this is bitcoins, so expect anything from it)

    {filename}-Be A Solo Investor In Bitcoin And Be Your Own Boss (0% Risk)

    Solo Investment: is a word invented by the @UseOfficial community that is being use for/on a Cryptocurrency basis for INVESTORS!

    its the Act of saving up Cryptocurrency by your self (personal&private) That will profit you in the future without any risk of getting scammed of losing what you have to others, You can save anything if you want to be a solo investor, But in this term we are saving up in Bitcoin(cryptocurrency)!

    Getting Started To be Solo Investor
    First you must Create a Blockchain wallet,

    {filename}-Be A Solo Investor In Bitcoin And Be Your Own Boss (0% Risk)
    {filename}-Be A Solo Investor In Bitcoin And Be Your Own Boss (0% Risk)
    Then you will download One of this wallets below that accepts and allow you to buy Bitcoins from your country Bank,

    {filename}-Be A Solo Investor In Bitcoin And Be Your Own Boss (0% Risk)
    • Luno wallet
    • CoinBase wallet
    • CoinsPh
    • Xapo wallet
    So what you have to do before downloading this wallet is to Research about them and know whether they allow you to buy bitcoins from your current country bank account, or they allow CREDIT CARD payment like master card, visa, etc,{filename}-Be A Solo Investor In Bitcoin And Be Your Own Boss (0% Risk)

    Once you get a suitable wallet for your self that accepts payment from your bank, then follow the steps below to Be A SOLO INVESTOR

    1. Any time you have a little money but you dont know what to use it to do, Then always use it to buy bitcoins and save it into your wallet
    2. If you are a Salary Earner, then make sure you always save A little percentage to buy some Bitcoins in your wallet and save it there
    3. Always Buy bitcoins with any amount of money you have and save it!
    4. Even if its 1$ thats you can afford do not hesitate to buy it and save it in your wallet!
    5. Try as much as possible to always buy and save bitcoins that worth at least 1$ everyday!
    6. Always make sure thats once you have reach a threshold of 0.011bitcoins you must always withdraw your bitcoins from that wallet and send it to your Blockchain account, Now make sure that you dont ever torch your bitcoins or spend it from that Blockchain account, Until after over 7months!
    7. Now you will be surprised to see your Earnings!
    The Main Key to be a Successful Solo Investor is to always Buy Anyamount of Bitcoins EveryDay!
    {filename}-Be A Solo Investor In Bitcoin And Be Your Own Boss (0% Risk)
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  3. gbolahan

    gbolahan GBOLAHAN Crypto Guardian

    But what usually pain me is that most Nigerians lack patient
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  4. philipj

    philipj GrandMaster Crypto Guardian

    A nice food for thought. Like @gbolahan said most Nigerians are not patient, they want quick money and get their fingers burnt several times until they loose most of what they have. And they keep repeating the same circle
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  5. sango ilorin

    sango ilorin GrandMaster

    Nice talk...
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  6. phyzyprogrammer

    phyzyprogrammer GrandMaster

    Well am a Nigerian and I don't lack patient and am sure u also don't,

    So they should be able to learn from this
  7. phyzyprogrammer

    phyzyprogrammer GrandMaster

    The wise will benefit
  8. phyzyprogrammer

    phyzyprogrammer GrandMaster

    We hope u benefit
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  9. phyzyprogrammer

    phyzyprogrammer GrandMaster

  10. phyzyprogrammer

    phyzyprogrammer GrandMaster

  11. busari ridwan

    busari ridwan Upcoming

    Phyzyprogrammer is a scammer that will go any length to scam anyone even his family members. Deal with him at your own risk
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  12. Topmaike007

    Topmaike007 Well Known

    am new into this bitcoin investment
  13. mcdon2020

    mcdon2020 Upcoming

    Phyzyprogrammer is a BIG Scammer
  14. icoinvest

    icoinvest Rookie!!!

    For a beginner it may be a good option, but probably not for someone who has been investing for some time.