Arbitao - Decentralizing Arbitrage

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    The New Way of Arbitrage Trading
    Arbitao is a fully automated arbitrage solution for cryptocurrency markets. No more barriers of entry. Everyone profits. The future is now.
    For the first time, even small investors can profit from arbitrage opportunities.
    The most attractive opportunity for ATAO coin holders is to join one of the exclusive Arbitao Trading Pools.
    The decentralized Arbitao technology is able to find profitable trades constantly. Titable trades are executed automatically for safe profits.
    These profits are paid out daily to all Arbitao pool members and are secured as U.S. Dollars to guarantee stable profits.
    You can log on to the dashboard and watch the live trades while they’re being executed.
    Special ICO Comissions

    Earn ATAO for Every New Community Member
    Everytime someone used your referral link and participates in the ICO, 9% of the ATAO amount that he or she purchased will also be credited to your account. The same applies with 6% to members, who were invited by users that you invited. And the same goes for the next level of affiliation with 3%.
    Your Trades. Your Profits. TAOx

    Digital Currency Exchange:
    You do not need to send your ATAO coins to third party exchanges anymore to start trading profitably. Keep your cryptocurrencies within the ATAO ecosystem and trade them from our internal exchange, also called TAOx, and save transactions fees. It is a win-win situation for everyone.


    join us now!

    Arbitao Chat
    Arbitao Chat

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