(ann) Safein: A Blockchain-based Identity Management Platform

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    Good day members of the great community.

    This is a review about a project which is one of its kind on cryptosphere, you might be wondering when i said one of it's kind right? , spare few minutes and read about SAFEIN!
    E-commerce, is one of the common activities on internet, we see alot of new online stores get open on daily basis just because of it ease shopping online. You don't have to leave your home or comfort zone just to buy something anymore.
    But this online shopping comes with alot of problem, which the most important ones are security of your personal data, stress of signing up on multiple platforms, Going through alot of kyc processes

    Have you ever wished for a secure platform that connects all other e-commerce platforms? A platform where you can just log in, get verified and with just a click, you can access any e-commerce portal without the need of logging in or sharing your personal information? A portal that utilizes the blockchain to secure your data better than a vault can?

    Well, I want to inform you that such a platform does exist, its name is SAFEIN.

    Below is more detail about the project.

    {filename}-(ann) Safein: A Blockchain-based Identity Management Platform

    It is an identity platform with signature that provides security, comfort and reliability. "Real solutions to real world problems" Safein will examine the current challenges of e-commerce and encryption currencies that provide connectivity, validation, and payment functions with a single click. For Safein users, there is no need to register for multiple sites. You no longer expect to receive KYC at each place / ICO. Reliable, convenient and fast payment for flat and krypton. It promotes confidentiality, cyber protection, data protection. A revolutionary reference program with symbolic rewards.

    With all this in mind, Safein offers a decentralized blockchain-based identity management platform. It provides a complete KYC solution for businesses and a universal verified account for users. With our platform, digital users can easily verify their true identities and access any online service provider instantly. It is extremely important that due to Safein’s decentralized nature, user is always in full control of his data meaning that the risk of data breaches is eliminated. Regarding businesses, Safein solution will allow an already verified user to gain access to multiple online service providers. This reusability of KYC accompanied with machine learning and AI technologies used for verifying documents will significantly reduce business costs regarding user onboarding and verification. Admittedly, building a universal gateway for online service providers requires scale and wide product adoption by the target audiences. Accordingly, our growth strategy is primarily focused on introducing the platform to the communities our team has best access to - gaming and crypto-assets. In order to successfully capture these markets, both users and businesses will be provided with clear incentives to join Safein ecosystem. Registration and referral programs which have been successfully adopted by online giants like Paypal will encourage new user onboarding whereas extremely cheap and possibly free KYC procedures will help us build a strong base of online businesses. We believe that user and online service provider growth willcreate synergistic effect causing Safein to be demanded by players in other industries.

    SAFEIN, has been rated by alot of cryptocurrency experts.

    {filename}-(ann) Safein: A Blockchain-based Identity Management Platform


    1. Blockchain - decentralized and immutable, the Safein network
    will allow individuals to securely share their verified identities
    with service providers online, while businesses will benefit from
    reduced friction and quick, cost-efficient user onboarding.
    2. Single sign-on (SSO) - a single account for everything online
    solves password management issues and introduces consis-
    tency in accessing web services and platforms.
    3. Reusable digital identity - just as the one and only passport
    proves one’s identity in the physical world, a verified status on
    Safein will be accepted by every partnering service provider.
    4. API - enabling businesses to integrate and start using Safein
    within days, if not hours, with a simple yet powerful API.
    5. Activity monitoring - enabling users to monitor all their online
    activity without exposing this information to 3rd parties or even
    Safein itself.
    6. Flexibility - a wide range of information fields to cover
    non-standard registration forms will allow a keyboardless ex-
    perience on any platform or website.
    7. Secure encryption - the personal data of the user will be en-
    crypted at all times unless the owner elects to reveal it to a
    chosen party.
    8. Biometrics - already implemented and functioning, fingerprint
    and facial recognition enhances security and improves usability
    of Safein.
    9.Decentralized data storage - all Safein users will store their
    personal data on their mobile devices.

    the e-commerce is faced with problems, which SAFEIN aims to solved.


    1. Creating a new account to use a new service
    2. Performing repetitive registrations and KYC procedures
    3. Managing and storing account information and passwords
    4. Waiting unreasonably long to get verified and access a new service
    Business-specific problems:
    5. Setting up KYC process compliant with data and privacy regulation
    6. Onboarding and converting new customers swiftly and effectively
    7. Managing compliance and support staff expenditures
    8. Mitigating fraud risk and related costs
    9. Entry barriers due to complicated user onboarding and KYC


    1. Single universal account to access multiple online services
    2. Enhanced privacy, data protection and cybersecurity
    3. Quick and user-friendly KYC process
    4. KYC status reusable across websites of partnering businesses
    5. Complete suite of API-based KYC solutions
    6. Regulation-compliant identity verification and data management
    7. Reduced customer support costs and rate of fraudulent users
    8. Cost-efficient way to onboard new users


    Ticker: SFN
    Token type: ERC20
    ICO start date: May 31st
    2018 End of ICO: 30th June 2018
    Total token: 1,000,000,000
    Selling token: 30%
    ICO token price: 1 SFN = $ 0.07
    Payment Receipt of: ETH
    Softcap: $ 3,000,000
    Hard cap: $ 21 million

    Merchants using Safein can reduce transaction costs by maintaining SFN tokens. Total token inventory is SFN token. The multiplier will gradually decrease within five years from the date on which payment began. Merchants purchasing tokens during ICO are most beneficial as they can purchase at the lowest initial price (1 ETH = 9,000 SFN).


    {filename}-(ann) Safein: A Blockchain-based Identity Management Platform


    {filename}-(ann) Safein: A Blockchain-based Identity Management Platform


    {filename}-(ann) Safein: A Blockchain-based Identity Management Platform


    It is known that the success of any project depend solely on the team behind it.
    SAFEIN is been piloted with experienced team members who have proven themselves to be transparent and take the success of the project as their major priority

    {filename}-(ann) Safein: A Blockchain-based Identity Management Platform


    Website: Safein - make it simple
    Bitcointalk: [ANN][ICO] Safein - A Single Sign-on Digital Identity Management Platform
    Facebook: Safein
    Twitter: Safein - make it simple (@safeincom) | Twitter
    Telegram: Safein
    Media: Safein – Medium
    Reddit: Safein - make it simple • r/safeincom
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/Safein



    PROFILE LINK: View the profile of Idrix1
    ETH ADD:0x53f53D1E5ceb6Fa24087eAaaee399bEBBe46CDCf
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