ICO [ann][ico] U-vid’ify: The First Video-based Classified World Market Goes Live

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    U-VID’IFY Ltd. ICO Token Sale-Pre-Registration
    The First Video-Based Classified World Market goes live 5/7/2018 12:00 UTC

    {filename}-[ann][ico] U-vid’ify: The First Video-based Classified World Market Goes Live

    Watch video:

    (April 24, 2018) – The token sale for the world’s first video-based classified market and community, V-Commerce (virtual-commerce) has begun. U-VID’IFY is a revolutionary decentralized all-in-one global market application for mobile and pc use developed for virtual classified advertising, marketing, e-commerceand influential markets. This global powerhouse application offers its memberslow listing fees and rewards by offering incentives based on reviews and positive application candor.This creates more financial gain to consumers and businesses marketing goods and services while also creatingan enjoyable marketplace. This is a win-win solution for global financial opportunities and marketing enterprises.

    Currently, consumers spend $450 billion each year across e-commerce, social media, classifieds, influencing, careers and professional services. Current centralized platforms today are in desperate need of technical upgrades. They’restuck with 2D content, and pose serious risk of security, misrepresentation and fraud from centralized data housing.Additional flaws include: no authentication on products and services, noproduct origin and mobile authentication, KYC, lack of guarantees and claims for breach of trust. Also, there are no incentive driven systems for users to maximize profits for their application credibility.

    U-VID’IFYchanges the game and is specifically designed primarily for the dire need of consumer(s) protection and loyalty incentivized use. Now members have the ability to operate and conduct services in a safe, secure, fast and rewarding global virtual community.U-VID’IFY has the latest HD/4K native video advertising tools, user incentives and impenetrable security measures. Combined with smart contract transactions, proof of product and/or goods authentication It’s clear the U-VID’IFY application will become the leader in online advertising/marketing solutions.

    UVD is an ERC20 token with a maximum supply of 22 billion. The crowdsale will offer 40% UVD tokens to the public starting on May 7, 2018 12:UTC for three rounds with discounts varying per round. Registration is now open for early entry, but tokens will only be available after May 7, 2018.Influencers and bounty participants will gain 6% UVD bonus tokens on all direct referrals from members assigned referral codes.

    The platform will offer complete security for its members and token monetization from all possible methods of threat through turn key blockchain technology, smart contracts and blockchain based proof providers. Whether for e-commerce, branding, social awareness or influencing, U-VID’IFY offers 99% of goods sold online today in organized category and sub category directories. Users can easily acquire UVD tokens through the currency exchange directly on the iOS/Android app. All sales and reward tokens can be transferred, withdrawn or stored to any wallet that accepts ERC20 tokens or the application’s built in wallet. There are no limitations on withdrawals, transfers or UVD usage.

    U-VID’IFY is superior and rises above all existing online advertising commerce platforms today. Key elements are low micro fees, impenetrable security and for the first time, incentive tokens for both buyers and sellers on review basis. The scope for financial independent margins is unlimited, and U-VID’IFY expects to meet and exceed global demand for many years to come.

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    For more information, please visit U-VID'IFY


    Watch video
    icoVideo - Streamable

    The First Decentralized Application For Global Use! Think Of It As The New Virtual Craigslist Without Risk!

    What this application provides consumers and businesses. The first to give back to the world.
    -Low micro listing fees
    -Return $ to buyers and sellers review of transaction
    -Endless opportunities to market any good or service
    -Zero limitations and imagination

    Ex: Goods-
    Real estate (all trades)
    Vehicles & Recreational Autos (all trades)
    Training services (all trades)
    Dating services or social events (all trades)
    Educational courses (all trades and skills)
    Start ups (no limitations)
    Dropshipping (25% additional growth)
    Independent Global Wealth W/O Limitation

    Ex: Services-
    How To
    Services (businesses & consumers)

    U-Vid'ify has unlimited potential for consumers and businesses to build clients, rapport and incentives based on feedback all backed with smart contract to ensure safe transactions set by listings.

    A true win win application that no other application or company offers. All thanks to the blockchain technology. With U-Vid'ify any consumer or business can achieve higher wealth and security right from their smart phone.

    The categories are endless and the opportunities are vast.
    follow us @ for media attention and social medial follower giveaways.

    Join Today!
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