ICO [ann][ico] Netterium - The World's First Influencer Marketing Platform!

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    Social Media has become one of the most crucial aspects of people’s lives, especially for youngsters. It is the place that a lot of time is spent on. So, why not have the chance to be able to gain from your time? Now, you can do just that by becoming part of the big league of Social Influencers.

    We are here to offer you the opportunity of the lifetime with Netterium.

    {filename}-[ann][ico] Netterium - The World's First Influencer Marketing Platform!

    Netterium brings the Netcheckr platform, which is a decentralized blockchain-based advertising marketplace that connects influencers with the business brands all over the globe!

    The Netcheckr platform uses Netterium, an Ethereum-based token, as the unified mode of payment between influencers and companies, in addition to Blockchain-based smart contracts. It will enable safe and regulated interaction of all parties, helping prevent any frauds and the need for the third party intermediaries. It will be the FIRST platform of this kind, which will allow advertisers to promote their brand to increase sales, awareness and enhance the visibility of the company through targeted influencer marketing campaigns.

    {filename}-[ann][ico] Netterium - The World's First Influencer Marketing Platform!

    Netcheckr’s Smart Algorithms help brands select the BEST influencers based on various parameters including relevance, popularity, and demographics. The user-friendly interface provides profile pages for all influencers and quantified marketing campaign projections, maximizing the returns on the advertising budgets. The platform also helps both small and large-scale influencers finding new brands and monetizes content more easily and profitably.

    With the phenomenal growth in the marketing sector, Netcheckr is positing itself to be the leader in the marketing sector, thanks to the state-of-the-art platform, effective marketing campaign tools and the security advantages of Blockchain-based technology. The Netterium tokens will be used for the project Netcheckr. After the launch, influencers will be able to earn it by posting commercial messages for advertisers on the social media accounts.

    {filename}-[ann][ico] Netterium - The World's First Influencer Marketing Platform!

    Netterium will also work as a payment medium and will give Netterium holders the possibility to sell & trade their Netterium Token.

    Now is your opportunity to become part of the next revolutionary project as the Presale has already started from 30th April with finishing on 30th June with 40% bonus available before the next round begins from 1st July and runs 30th September with 20% bonus.

    {filename}-[ann][ico] Netterium - The World's First Influencer Marketing Platform!

    So, come and be part of this thrilling adventure where you could purchase straight from an exchange like Coinbase!

    Check out below for further details:

    {filename}-[ann][ico] Netterium - The World's First Influencer Marketing Platform!

    Official Website:

    - Netterium - The Netterium token is the standard currency used for all transactions between influencers & advertisers on the Netcheckr platform.
    - NetCheckr | Influencer Platform | Message Value


    - https://netterium.com/Whitepaper.pdf

    Social Media Links:

    - Gplus: https://plus.google.com/103910493710578381165
    - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/netchekr/
    - Twitter: NetCheckr (@NetCheckr) | Twitter
    - Telegram: NetCheckr/Netterium Official Community / NetCheckr/Netterium Announcement Channel
    - Medium: NetCheckr – Medium
    - Instagram: NetCheckr (@netcheckr) • Instagram photos and videos
    - Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/netcheckr/
    - YouTube: NetCheckr

    Airdrop & Bounty Campaign - Coming Soon!
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