(ann) Algebraix - Permission-based Advertising Platform

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    {filename}-(ann) Algebraix - Permission-based Advertising Platform

    Algebraix’s blockchain-based platform will enable individuals to be paid ALX tokens to view advertisements, initially from the entertainment sector: movie ads, TV program ads, games ads and music ads. Entertainment companies will deliver their fascinating ads directly to consumers and reward them for their attention, instead of paying fees to the digital advertising giants. By focusing first on the entertainment sector, Algebraix will delight users and swiftly grow its audience, prior to expanding its advertising business to involve other sectors, adopting a similar strategy to how Amazon grew its on-line retail business by concentrating first on books and then CDs before expanding it to address a much broader market. Consumers will be paid for doing what many of them they were already doing, except that their activity will be voluntary and permission-based. Users will choose what to view. And because they will be rewarded in Algebraix’ ALX token, the mass audience for this advertising fare will quickly learn how to earn, save and spend a cryptocurrency, encouraging the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

    The Algebraix platform will facilitate trust between advertisers and consumers by empowering users to control and monetize their personal data. By helping companies establish a direct relationship with their customers, ending the current interruption marketing model, they gain superior ROI and trust from their customers. Secure permissions-based ad networks will be enabled by new blockchain and ALX tokens and will be supported by unique and patented Algebra{filename}-(ann) Algebraix - Permission-based Advertising Platformtechnology.

    {filename}-(ann) Algebraix - Permission-based Advertising Platform

    The Algebraix platform will provide individuals with a Personal Secure Vault (PSV) where they can store any data of any kind in an encrypted form, where they (and only they) can provide controlled access to it, should they so choose.

    Reward data owners for viewing the ads they choose to view. Give them a level of control over the ads presented to them.

    Algebraix network and the PSV will be fully secure and its data will be available only to its owner via a private key.

    The PSV owner themselves will be personally responsible for all the data the PSV holds and will thus be able to ensure its accuracy.

    Algebraix platform will provide a market where the only middleman is the Algebraix blockchain.

    Algebraix digital advertising solution is based entirely on permission marketing.


    1. Digital wallet: ALX will be stored on the mobile app (PSV).

    2. Video Ad Browsing : A user can easily browse through the app to view Video Ads. The user-friendly application will create a seamless experience for the user.

    3. Personal secure data store: Encrypted personal data will be stored locally making use of the Algebraix network for backup and overflow storage if need be.

    4. Multiple device implementation : The mobile app will have compatible versions for multiple devices.

    5. Database Anonymity : Cipher AES-256 encryption will be used to protect user data from compromise.

    6. The mobile app will provide direct access to other applications and blockchain services.

    7.Profile information exposure excluding identifying data like name or address will be decided by data owners.

    8. Advertisers will be able to identify prospects for their products and services.

    9. Rewards in form of payment will be given to data owners who view the ads.

    10 Further rewards will be given to data owners who go further to develop interaction with the advertising business.


    Following legal advice Algebraix has chosen not to do an ICO. Currently, ICO’s in the US are under a regulatory cloud. SAFTs reduce that risk and conduct the sale of an investment contract with approved accredited investors only, in reliance on the safe harbors for private offering exemption.

    The Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) is a legal agreement. You can think of it as resembling a forward contract for an amount of ALX tokens: the seller (Algebraix Data) sells the rights to tokens ahead of their release date to a buyer (you); the seller must then build the network that enables their use and deliver the tokens at the Network Launch. Half the number of ALX tokens purchased by SAFT investors will be delivered to them at the Network Launch. The remainder will be delivered on the six-month anniversary of the Network Launch. So when buying a SAFT, you purchase the rights to receive tokens from the issuer on a future date, subject to any limitations that are detailed in the SAFT itself.

    Different payment methods available may have different confirmation times. For example, the Bitcoin block time is estimated to be around 10 min. Please note that network congestion can, at times, make blockchain confirmations much slower than the average time. We cannot clear an investment until it is fully confirmed.


    {filename}-(ann) Algebraix - Permission-based Advertising Platform

    25% are available for the SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) token pre-sale.

    15% make up the Company Account to be allocated to Algebraix staff and also, advisors, agents and suppliers.

    The remaining 60% form a company contingency reserve, some of which will be used to promote Algebraix network growth.


    The success of any project depend solely on the team members piloting it. ALGEBRAIX is piloted with team members who are dedicated to see the success of the project.

    The CEO Charles Silver has 30 years experience in raising capital and building successful enterprises that focus on finance, technology and media. The CTO Andy Shah, has more than 18 years of technology leadership and executive experience to Algebraix Data Corporation. A good team takes a project to a greater height and this is just a tip of how great the team is.

    {filename}-(ann) Algebraix - Permission-based Advertising Platform


    Website: Algebraix.io - Own Your Data | fueled by Alx Cryptocurrency
    Whitepaper: Whitepapers | Algebraix.io
    Telegram: Algebraix
    Twitter: ALX Token (@ALXTOKEN) | Twitter
    ANN THREAD: [ANN] [AIRDROP] ALGEBRAIX - Permission-based advertising platform. Own your data


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