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    Shopping Coin "SHPC" is a utility token that was created to support and facilitate the "Digital Shopping Global" platform. Shopping Coin SHPC is going serve as payment in different online stores, we're also going to be paying rewards to our "SHPC Social" users based on their activity in the social platform.
    SHPC will get listed immediately after or during our contributions, we are forwarding applications for listing SHPC already, SHPC is an Erc20 token.
    ✅Not limited to all the above more innovative plans will be deployed as we continue growing.
    Token Name: Shopping Coin
    Symbol: SHPC
    Contract address: 0xA29e65A8CB83BAB2A1f34c4635a6CfCCcC4AC8d8
    Decimal: 18
    Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 SHPC

    Airdrop Form: SHOPPING COIN Airdrop 1
    Referral Username: TOKENHUNTER

    All Participants that complete the task properly will recieve 5000 SHPC = $100 each, for Referring you get 500 SHPC = $10 Bonus.
    Keep sharing... Top 10 highest referral ID that appears will get 500,000 SHPC = $10,000

    Send ETH to SHPC Contract address: 0xA29e65A8CB83BAB2A1f34c4635a6CfCCcC4AC8d8
    Minimum 0.005ETH to recieve 25,000 SHPC tokens
    Send 0.01ETH to recieve 50,000 tokens
    Send 0.1 ETH to recieve 500,000 tokens
    Send 1 ETH to receive 5,000,000
    Only 1,000,000,000 tokens are available for public, you will receive your token within few minutes after send any amount above 0.005 ETH, below that amount will be considered a donation.

    Airdrop Tasks to get you qualified:
    Follow our Facebook page: Digital Shopping Global
    Join our Telegram Group: DIGITAL SHOPPING GLOBAL
    Follow our Twitter Handle: Digital Shopping Global (@Shoppingcoin) | Twitter
    Join our Discord: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
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