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Android 0 : Possible Features Before Official Lunch

Discussion in 'Latest Technology Updates' started by Greatman, Mar 20, 2017 at 2:07 PM.

  1. Greatman

    Greatman Well Known Mod

    It's that time of the year when the mobile community starts anticipating and speculating about the next Android platform version. We’re expecting it to be announced at the upcoming Google I/O Conference in May. Since February, Google has began teasing us by showing us "Android Oreo and Android Pocky". The latter will be for next year but it wasn't known if the two will use the names.

    • App icon badges for active notifications. This feature could something we’ve been wanting since forever. This could offer a quicker glance at the number of notifications available for a particular app.

    • New notifications. This could refer to a different display of notifications–once again different from Android Nougat. There’s some hint of Andromeda but right now, we don’t have information about what Andromeda really is but we’ve been saying it is hybrid OS.

    • Smart text selection floating toolbar w/ Google Assistant integration. Feature is believed to “lessen” copy-paste moves by automatically copying important information found in apps and surfaces. Addresses may also come to text fields. We can also expect some finger gestures.

    • Picture-in-picture mode similar to Android TV. This could be the same picture mode that has been ready for the Android TV on iPads. There is a possibility that more devices will receive the same feature and not just tablets.

    • Restricted background activities from apps like Chrome 57. There could be changes to the Chrome browser including reduction in power consumption. App packground activities are expected to be more efficient and faster than ever.

    • MediaRecorder API improvements. The updated API is said to allow some apps to capture video and audio than save. Major improvements are expected to arrive on Android O but we have no idea how exactly.

    • Adaptive icons like Google Pixel. Nothing much to say here except they could be dynamically changing. We don’t know how it will be “adaptive” but we’re guessing they will “adapt” to whatever view or settings are set on default or maybe just any launcher.

    • More enterprise features. Last but not the least, since Google is getting more focused on the enterprise, it’s only apt that the developers include relevant features to Android. It has already started by introducing new products and services so now it’s time to upgrade mobile OS features
  2. Greatman

    Greatman Well Known Mod

    Yeah bro
  3. Greatman

    Greatman Well Known Mod

    It's still yet to be officially reveal
  4. Gad

    Gad GrandMaster Knight

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