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All Ye Mechanical Engineers

Discussion in 'Engineering Workshop - ENG206' started by Confidento, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. Confidento

    Confidento Jackobian

    I noticed that this forum is one of the few forums in Jackobian without a Thread, Please I call on all ye mechanical engineers to come and make use of the forum by posting relevant threads.
    May God butter your Bread as you do!!!!
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  2. Prezzy

    Prezzy GrandMaster Protector

    mech eng.
    they have a lot to do in Nigeria, i wonder why they are behaving so dull.

    at least they can turn the automobile industry in this country around!
    and they can help a lot in Oil refining.

    Am largely disappointed at these guys here in Nigeria
  3. osifo precious ogero

    osifo precious ogero Rookie!!!

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