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New Ponzi All Road Leads To On Sunday 14th October By 7pm

Discussion in 'Ponzi' started by Emeka2, Oct 10, 2018 at 4:08 PM.

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    I advise everyone who needs to earn money to join this coming Zap Media.
    It has good marketing strength. And has got many awareness. So, its gonna really
    pay like madt. Lets get ready with our money.

    N2,500 TO EARN N5,000
    N5,000 TO EARN 10,000
    N10,000 TO EARN N20,000 AND
    N20,000 TO EARN N40,000

    Use "Emeka" as your referral.
    Note, you dont need to refer anyone before they pay you.
    I am doing publications for them, so i just want them to know that am doing the publicity.
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    Yes ooo, we are all gonna be there