Advice From A Friend 'who Lost #1 Million' About Friends & Helping People, Is He Right?

Discussion in 'Advice & Motivation' started by Prezzy, Mar 30, 2017.

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    I received a surprise call Today! This call was coming from a really close friend of mine in school. This young man is the energetic kind. He's vibrant and the opposite of dull especially when it comes to BUSINESS.

    Lols, hailing from school actually, I picked his call not knowing he's the one and he spent the next few minutes playing some foreign dude. Sadly I couldn't recognize his voice. Yeah, he gamed me:(

    But that's how close we are. The next thing we talked about business for a while which he has shown over time that he's obviously addicted to ;)
    ... Making money.

    Along the line, between last year and now, he ran into a serious issue that landed him in a debt of over 1 million naira. :(
    Worse still, he's paying not to one person but possibly hundreds of people who are ready to react should he mess up!

    He's been paying it off since then up till now and according to him which I agree... He's been through stuff and now has a lot of experience with making money, friends and life in general.

    He gave me an advice which I outrightly shed. I want you to tell me how wrong I am to shed this advice. Here's what he said...

    1. Over time, I have learned that HELPING PEOPLE (in campus) is not advisable hence I won't do it anymore

    According to him, people don't care when he doesn't have but will always be around when he does and some will even borrow, never to return while others will Still pester him when doesn't have.
    2. Don't allow anyone to know your Financial Status... I repeat... Anyone!

    According to him, when his friends knew he was getting some inflow, they were always around flexing life with him but when he ran out of cash, they, one as he mentioned actually will disappear.

    Also, he added that they come around because he let them know that he has some cash and now that he doesn't open up anymore about His financial status, Noone calls him or shows up to do those things with him

    Well, that's what this dude's got for me. Let's see how I feel about it and I wanna hear what you think and if one should follow up with his ideas.

    Here's what I think...
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    I think that, for most Rich people, at some point in time, they see reasons to STOP giving to others.

    This friend of mine was such a good pal. He once sold a phone worth 65k to me for the mere cost of 25k because he knew I needed it and also wanted to invest in MMM!
    But that will tell you how much he cared about me. Not just me, but others too.. He would not be able to behold one hungry and let him be. Such was he. :cool:

    Now, his experience within 6 months has transformed him but i think that in moments like this, though I don't think I have ever experienced such, the only thing that can save one is Christ.

    If you are a Christian, then "Christ's Endurance through suffering for the sake of the ones he loved, I mean the very ones that were crucifying him" is one thing that can you going.

    Yes, it's still got to do with focus and determination but if the foundations of your goals are resting on your own efforts as a human, it can be broken.
    Put them in God and Noone can get there.

    Personally, I don't think I can do it that way.
    Yes I can ignore some people who need my help because of course I can't help everyone but not like he has decided to do it.

    Besides, the Vision which I live by will not allow me to attempt such a lifestyle. Learn more =>
    What You Don't Know About 'the Kinwap Vision', Jackobian & The Brain Behind It All

    In the end, it still lies in God's hands to keep one going in such times as his now so keep it in mind when situations like this come knocking.
  4. Prezzy

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    Wrong. For me anyway.

    Unless you are looking to make it alone which mostly isn't the case, you should have someone, usually hit mentor if not some people who knows exactly what's going on with you at any moment in time.


    Lols, you can't have the wrong person in this position in your life else you will suffer dearly for it.

    Having a mentor is highly recommended. A mentor, I believe should be able to understand your complete financial condition that's if he/she has the time to listen to those.

    One of the Advantages is that..
    It gives your relationship with the person a tighter knot which can be tremendously helpful.

    The person will naturally feel he's got to do something when your finances starts dropping hence he will do everything possible to see that you don't get there.
    On the other hand, hide it from such people and when things come crumbling, they may not know!

    I don't think your girlfriend or boyfriend should know anyway. Not even your wife in some cases.

    In general, your finances is private but don't keep it so for the wrong reasons. Let it go when it's going to fetch something for you such as in the case as I have explained above. (don't worry, it doesn't that to be wonderful for you to make it public!)
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    To cap it off, my friend said a number of other good things you can equally learn from... Such as.

    Through his problems, he's been able to learn so much hence one should keep an open mind when going through challenges such as his so he won't miss the lessons thereof.

    God bless you Engr. D and help you out of this for real... I don't wanna see you in school with 500k debt hanging over your head!
    I'll pray 4 u too.
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    Someone should narrow the whole stuff dowm
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    It's all down now. You can read up!
  8. Prezzy

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    Guys please don't compare us both directly. He's in a bad situation and you can feel it if you speak with him.

    Try to be logical in your stand and see what will be the best thing to do.

    I might have to send him this page if we can come up with something that will bring my friend back to thinking HUMAN! So please help me to help him!
  9. Marvie01

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    Spending isn't bad when u do it with ur friends, but do it with caution, among those u go out with or that come running to you for money, are some who wish for ur downfall and won't hesitate mocking u behind. The bad one been that they will always assume that u have a lot, when u are basically out, keep clamouring for drink and outing.

    Be unpredictable to them.
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  10. Kenny

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    Hmmm....Your Friend

    Anyway Your Frnd Is Right About Everything....especially The Part He Talked about Helping In Campus.

    But I Believe It Is More Than Just Campus, People That You Thought You Were Helping Will Turn Their Back On You
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    This Writeup Just Reminded Me Of Justin bieber's THE MOST
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    Unpredictable. Hmm. Yeah not everyone deserves to know your bank account's balance though
  13. Prezzy

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    Sadly, you guys are making it worse.