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4 Ways That Sit At Home(civil Disobedience) Helps Ipob To Achieve Biafra?

Discussion in 'BIAFRA' started by Prezzy, Sep 10, 2018.

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    Screenshot_2018-09-10-14-44-04.png-4 Ways That Sit At Home(civil Disobedience) Helps Ipob To Achieve Biafra?

    Sit at home. It is one thing that IPOB has mastered in recent years. The Indigenous People of Biafra have not always been using this approach but now, it seems it's the most effective tool in the quest for an Independent nation of Biafra.
    In this thread, we will study the sit at home orders and learn more about how they help Biafrans to achieve Biafra

    What is sit at home?
    It is simply an order to all Biafrans to remain indoors and avoid any form of interactions or business transactions outside of their homes on a faithful day. It literally means stay indoors !

    You may ask Why do IPOB order Sit at Home?

    There's no simple way to describe it But this will help you understand better.

    1. Sit at Home shows that people of Biafraland are listening to Ipob and Ipob has their loyalty

    2. It shows that they are not happy with the government and Biafra is their true desire hence the need for a referendum to decide whether to remain in Nigeria or not.

    3. Sit at home will also help to drive the message home to those that haven't been adequately informed about Ipob and biafra
    They will be forced to ask questions and they will get answers about the Biafra struggle Needless to say, this helps the Biafra struggle overall!

    4. It also creates room to get the attention of the international community which is immensely needed in any freedom struggle. God does a lot of work through these international communities

    That tells you why the government hates the idea

    The police command in Imo province Biafraland recently ordered that people should disobey Ipob's sit-at-home command because the government knows that it is against them.

    It's obvious that The more people obey Ipob, the less the government has firm control over its own people.

    So, a successful sit at home means the government is losing and IPOB is gaining!

    I hope this has been able to educate you on the Importance of sit at homes like the one coming on September 14th!
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