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Tips 3 Ways To Earn Cryptocurrency Without Investment

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Cryptogeek, Sep 8, 2018.

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    Nowadays,there have been an increased demand on how to make money from cryptocurrency without investing..To make money from cryptocurrency without investing, you have to be devoted and also sacrifice some time...And sometimes it might be stressful..So here are the few ways you can earn cryptocurrency without investment...

    1.Through Bitcoin faucet
    Well, bitcoin faucet are also sometimes called PTC site..They pay you some amount of satoshi per every taskt you complete.....Some of the task are clicking on ads, completing a captcha,viewing website,playing lottery and many more....There are also some site that also reward Altcoin..Here is list of top paying faucet.. pays up to 20-25 satoshi per task.. provides numerous faucet site to choose from and also Altcoin)

    Airdrops are also a way of earning altcoins(Tokens).. Nowadays due to the increasing demand of bitcoin,there have been an increase in the number of altcoin popping everyday..And majority of these altcoin gives out free tokens which can be exchanged to bitcoin during or after launch...To be eligible,all you have
    to do is fill out a google form which will require some criteria such as bitcoin or etherium wallet and some criteria such as your social media profile,your email address and many more depending on which airdrop you are going for... Personally,i think airdrop is one of the best way to earn cryptocurrency without investment because it isn't as stressful as faucet and only requires little effort..The only disadvantage is that it is hard to find a legit airdrop..Bounty on the other hand is also quite similar to airdrop but the only difference is that in airdrop,you maybe either asked to fill out a google form or write an article or video blogging about the coin either on a forum,website,blog or youtube..With airdrop,it is possible to make over $10-20 or more depending on how valuable and how is been given away...To know about airdrop and the latest airdrop kindly visit ICODROPS but in due time i will be updating latest and best paying airdrop..

    3.Become a bitcoin affiliate

    Generally affiliate in bitcoin is quite similar to other system...In bitcoin affiliate, you are paid on how much people who uses your link to purchase bitcoin.. Firstly, you have to signup for a bitcoin wallet that pays affiliate..Then you copy your link and share with everyone around you..When someone signup with your link and purchase bitcoin, you will be rewarded some amount of satoshi..

    In general,to earn money from bitcoin without investment, you have to be devoted and also hardworking...The best recommended way to earn money without investment is through airdrop.. Bitcoin faucet are also good but they have little payout and takes a long time to earn reasonable amount of bitcoin..While in becoming a bitcoin affiliate,it all depends on how much people signup and make purchases through your link..
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    source:How to make money from cryptocurrency without investment
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