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3 Ways Nigerians Are Making Money With Crypto Using Their Phones

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by Prezzy, Sep 6, 2018.

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    How are Nigerians making money from Cryptocurrency?

    Good evening Jackobians. It's really been a while and trust me, I will make sure that I say that last phrase less often!

    I understand that we have seen the least of our expectations in Cryptocurrency this year considering the tempo with which we entered from 2017. I am not sure how you have been dealing with the wild fluctuations and stagnating nature of bitcoin growth this year but I must tell you, some people are still making some money in crypto. And I mean, some good money. In this post, I want to quickly review the tactics they have employed in doing this and also I want to encourage you to do research and key into any of them you can engage in!... The good thing is that you can actually do all of them and yes, at the same time.

    How are Nigerians making money in Cryptocurrency in 2018?

    1. Trading - buy and sell
    2. Bounties and Airdrops
    3. Day Trading

    Have you done any of the above? If yes. Great!
    If no, now take this seriously...

    1. Trading - Buy & Sell
    This is very popular even amongst those who are new to crypto. It simply involves buying from someone and then selling to another for a profit. It's usually a very quick deal and the profits are fast which makes it a very lucrative business.
    The good part is that ANYONE can get involved and make a good profit in this business.
    The other good part is that anyone can start the business with NO CAPITAL!
    I have previously treated how this business is done and you can learn about it here => How To Make Money By Trading Bitcoin (buying & Selling With Naira)

    Do you want to make money with your Android phone and bank account?
    It's easy with this method. Scan forums and other internet gatherings. Scan Facebook as well. Make contacts with people who can either sell or buy Bitcoins from you and make sure they can trust you!
    There are many different ways to build trust in your network. You can start by showcasing yourself as a trustworthy person through every interaction especially the public ones. Yes, you need some advertising and you can't advertise effectively in private chats. You need the public deals as well.

    Actually you do this business as you make more contacts and grow your network. You don't do these two things differently.
    Start accepting trade offers and always do your best to see that you fulfill each one because a small deal can easily lead to a very big one and the profits will come with subsequent transactions. In essence, don't judge a customer by whatever deal you are negotiating. Always know that the person is a potential refer which can open you up to a big network!

    2. Bounties & Airdrops

    If you have been a Jackobian since last year, am sure you won't have any problems with bounties anymore especially if you have been close and following @gbolahan

    Bounties and Airdrops are generally free ways you can get money by performing some simple tasks of marketing for different crypto coins and start ups!

    They are relatively easy and again anyone with the minimum requirements can get involved and pull a bunch of good cash from here! I still remember a Jackobian landed a vehicle with bounties and Airdrops money *winks*

    This area can easily become a waste of effort and time as the results vary largely so it requires some level of expertise in picking out the best from many options to engage in. But it's really free so why not get involved??

    To learn more on bounties and Airdrops, please refer to this =>
    How To Earn Ico Token Without Investment (bounty Hunter)

    Bounty - A Way Of Making Money For Free In Cryptocurrency World

    Review - What Is An Ico And Altcoin Bounty Campaign

    3. Day Trading
    This is the last money making avenue I want to deal with.
    Am sure we are very familiar with day trading but for the sake of those who are new, it simply involves buying and selling cryptos on exchanges within minutes or hours.
    It's technical but equally simple beyond what it may seem at first. With some good effort, one will be able to learn the many functions nd also with persistence, you should be able to gather the boldness, will and other skills a trader unleashes during each trade.
    Learning how to trade is easy but learning the skills needed for trading will take a while but the profits potentials is simply endless. You can trade 24/7 and also involve bots to trade for you!

    Do you want to learn more about trading cryptocurrency? Please go here => How To Trade Bitcoins In Nigeria - 4 Simple Steps To Get Started

    All About Bitcoin | Altcoins Trading For Traders On Jackobian

    Making money in Cryptocurrency, is it possible.?
    I know that many people are asking this kind of question especially those that are new and I want to give you the easy answer.
    Yes, people are. I am and you can!
    In fact, it's more difficult to NOT make money from Crypto than it is to do so once you are determined.
    One thing is sure though, you will not be making millions from the first day but you shall in due time!

    I trust this article has been able to inform you and also inspire you. Now go make some bucks!
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