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Hot 100% In 15 Days With Fast 10% Referral Bonus Payment All In Bitcoin"mmmbtc"

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Investments | Discussions' started by testimony011, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. testimony011

    testimony011 Jackobian

    Hi fellow jackobian... I came across a site called 100% profit in 15 days with instant referral Bonus payment using bitcoin. i registered to confirm if it pays.
    Now one major factor that persuaded was the fact that there are online agent to talk with you and guide you on with any findings you want and unlike mmmunited which i also belong to, they reply mails easily and get to inform you on happenings using your mails.
    i never wanted to bring ths here before but for those we may be interested in this adventure with me lets come together and do this. Below is my referral link if interested. and as soon as i get my pay out will let you know here too.. minimum is 10$ and i just used that
    You don't need to referral before you get paid
    Register with this link if interested REGISTER TO MMMBTC COMMUNITY
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  3. Ay nero

    Ay nero Jackobian

    Letz wait till u get paid
  4. testimony011

    testimony011 Jackobian

    (For risk takers only)


    {filename}-100% In 15 Days With Fast 10% Referral Bonus Payment All In Bitcoin Lunched on DECEMBER 1st
    {filename}-100% In 15 Days With Fast 10% Referral Bonus Payment All In Bitcoin5% REFERRAL COMMISSION
    {filename}-100% In 15 Days With Fast 10% Referral Bonus Payment All In Bitcoin2.5% FAST PAY/CONFIRM COMMISSION FOR BOTH PAIRS
    {filename}-100% In 15 Days With Fast 10% Referral Bonus Payment All In BitcoinAccept only bitcoin as medium of payment
    {filename}-100% In 15 Days With Fast 10% Referral Bonus Payment All In BitcoinYour Mavro grows 100% After 15Days
    {filename}-100% In 15 Days With Fast 10% Referral Bonus Payment All In Bitcoin(you can withdraw after 15days?)
    {filename}-100% In 15 Days With Fast 10% Referral Bonus Payment All In BitcoinNo Recommission
    {filename}-100% In 15 Days With Fast 10% Referral Bonus Payment All In BitcoinAvaible- full contact of who you are paired with(Name, phone number, Email).

    Let's assume you start with only $20 bitcoin
    After 15 days you have -- $40
    After 30 days you have -- $80
    After 45 days you have -- $160
    After 60 days you have -- $320
    After 75 days you have -- $640 (1btc)
    After 90 days you have -- $1280 (2btc)

    The $20 (10,400) you started with after 3 months, it will become $1280 (70 0,000)


    Join MMMBTC today and be financially free in the next 3months ( as you like)

    After registration with this referral link

    UPLINE USERNAME :testimony011
    After you PH it will take 1 - 3 Days to be pair

    phone of your pair is available
    Email also available

    If you make fast payment and confirm you will receive Fast Confirm Bonus

    No referral needed
    Just invest and harvest
    But if you want to referr you will receive 5% Referral commission for every Downline PH

    Manager Bonus 5%

    To register, visit the link below
  5. Noel Nelz Asap

    Noel Nelz Asap Well Known Bot!

  6. testimony011

    testimony011 Jackobian

    noel lets talk on whatsapp
  7. testimony011

    testimony011 Jackobian

    minimum na $10
  8. Noel Nelz Asap

    Noel Nelz Asap Well Known Bot!

    Hope its legit

  9. Noel Nelz Asap

    Noel Nelz Asap Well Known Bot!

  10. Ay nero

    Ay nero Jackobian

    Me too..., but made mistake with my btc address.
  11. mighty2000

    mighty2000 Jackobian

    How come MMM is in so many different 'forms' now, i don't think this one is real
  12. PrezzyMag

    PrezzyMag Jackobian

    Stupid people. After choping my money in
    You want to eat my money again. Where's my koboko?
  13. cuteguy0

    cuteguy0 Upcoming

    Dis recent mmmsouthafrica?
  14. Ay04z

    Ay04z Active

    risk taker no dey fear to loose money...remember dey always say use ur spare money....okay i got pay with mmm southafrica any question.?
    testimony011 likes this.
  15. testimony011

    testimony011 Jackobian

    well i like what Ay04z said.... we won't know if they pay but with a trial we surely know he truth... but when one have a working online agent lets give it a try... i don place 10 dollars dere
  16. Davee

    Davee Active

  17. Noel Nelz Asap

    Noel Nelz Asap Well Known Bot!

    It pays. You will

  18. testimony011

    testimony011 Jackobian

    I have been paired on
  19. Cmkoro

    Cmkoro Jackobian

    It doesn’t have to be bitcoin or any other crypto currency before you can make 50% of your PH. MMMwestafrica offers 50% on your naira pledge in one month with more wonderful packages to enjoy. Once you register, go to account, click add, fill your details. You can use your mmm Nigeria details if you wish to. Even if you don't have the money at hand, you can still register and provide help within 48hrs of registration to active your account.

    50% Per Month
    1.66% Daily Growth
    10% Direct Referral bonus
    Minimum Provide Help N1000
    5% MANAGER’s Income
    3% 100 Guider income
    Growth starts from the time of commitment + Happiness Letter compulsory
    100% Honest Admin

    I regret not joining mmm30% when a friend told me about it last year Dec. I registered just two months ago and realized I made a huge financial mistake by not joining earlier.

    I encourage you to register with mmmwestafrica to avoid the mistake most of us made by doubting the credibility of mmm30% and waiting for it to crash

    Register now and ph small amt if you have doubts.

    A wise man said .." The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago and now".

    REGISTER HERE: Welcome To MMM WestAfrica

    Wasapp me on 08075806848

    REGISTER HERE: Welcome To MMM WestAfrica

    Wasapp me on 08075806848

    How Ultimate Cycler Works.

    Ultimate Cycler Nigeria gives you N50,000 for a one time investment of just N12,500, and if you are not good at referring others, you have got no problem as the system got you covered and would automatically fix 4 people under you who would pay you N12,500 each summing up to N50,000.

    Once you register, you will be paired with someone to whom you will make the one-time payment of N12,500 to activate your account, then you are set to receive your own payments of N12,500 from four other people.

    However, the only advantage of referring your friends is that it keeps the system going and it ensures that you get your profit faster. That is what Ultimate Cycler is all about.

    Now, this is just level 1, after getting your full payment from 4 different donors ie, your matrix fills with 6 people under you, you can cycle the $100 (N50,000) again, and again without limit, giving you $75 (N37,500) profit each time you cycle OR reinvest part of it to get higher returns in level 2.

    IN LEVEL 2
    You upgrade with $50 (N25,000) out of your profits (N50,000).
    It is also 2x2 matrix.
    As your downlines follow you, together with spillovers from your uplines, you cycle $50 x 4= $200 (N100,000). Re-enter as you did in the $25 matrix. You keep profiting with the cycle of $200 over and over without limit, giving you $150 each time you cycle, which is N75,000 net profit over and over and over again without end.

    And with the same process, you can go higher to another level

    Level 3 = $100
    Level 4 = $200
    Level 5 = $400
    Level 6 = $800. This is where you get a return of $800 x4 = $3,200 (N1,600,000), giving you a net profit of N1,2000,000 (minus your investment amount).

    Can Ultimate Cycler Crash?

    Ultimate Cycler is a peer-to-peer community which depends on its members. It is legal because there is no law barring donations. The system is built on a model designed by a renowned internet guru Peter Wolfing.

    Peter Wolfing who is the founder of Ultimate Cycler has been building online businesses and marketing tools for the past 14 years. In that time he’s proven beyond doubt that he knows how to build programs with staying power, and that he is committed to the long-term success of his projects. He is the owner of a 14 year old company with a solid track record and an A+ rating with BBB.

    You can be sure that Ultimate Cycler Nigeria is here to stay; you can make your profit from here and start up other businesses that would keep you smiling even in recession.

    Start Earning Today!

    Ultimate Cycler
  20. sango ilorin

    sango ilorin GrandMaster Bot!

  21. PrezzyMag

    PrezzyMag Jackobian

  22. Noel Nelz Asap

    Noel Nelz Asap Well Known Bot!

    Same here
  23. Noel Nelz Asap

    Noel Nelz Asap Well Known Bot!

  24. Noel Nelz Asap

    Noel Nelz Asap Well Known Bot!

    Is no scam
    Fast customer reply

    The earlier you invest the better
  25. Authority

    Authority Well Known

    Guy reason na.......u Neva invest u dey call dem scam...u r not paying to the system... U r paying to someone and I have provided help...the person has received it

    If u need payment proof tell me so I tell him to show u
  26. Noel Nelz Asap

    Noel Nelz Asap Well Known Bot!

    Was paired this evening
    Donated already sef
  27. Raz_

    Raz_ Upcoming

    i suspect this mmmbtc. my friend and i got paired to pay the same person.
    whats the name of the person u lot paid to?
  28. sam max

    sam max Upcoming

    Bro that's not a good sign, hope the admin is not trying to scam people
  29. sam max

    sam max Upcoming

    I would suggest those who have been pair should post the btc address they were paired with, if like 5 people pay into the same address. That a WARNING signal
  30. Raz_

    Raz_ Upcoming

    its why i'm asking. dude's name is abdulm, could be a coincidence or a total scam
  31. Authority

    Authority Well Known

    Mine is olusanogo...I don't bliv its Scam
    Maybe the persons u donated to. His money was not complete and u two had to complete it
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