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ICO ⚽️ - The Best World Cup Prediction Dapp On Ethereum Blockchain⚽️

Discussion in 'Altcoins' started by laurapromoter, Jun 16, 2018.

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    ⚽️ - The Best World Cup Prediction DApp on Ethereum Blockchain⚽️
    Trade 16 Team Tokens and win 50 ETH+ Reward Pool! is part of DHub ecosystem. DHub is the most promising crypto project in 2018! DHub ecosystem includes mobile wallet, DApp App Store and more! Every CUP token holder can get FREE DHub Token after World Cup.

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    Bot will give you an unique referral link, you can EARN 100 CUP tokens for every friend who joins DCup.

    Official Website:
    Telegram Airdrop Bot: Airdrop Bot
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