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    Episode 6 - Biafrans, We Need To Go Back To Our Elders & Ohaneze, Sep 28, 2017
  1. Prezzy

    It's another cold morning and today, I want us to discuss a very crucial topic which almost Noone talks about. It's about the Igbo elders and the Ohaneze Ndigbo.
    Remember, sometimes the solution lies in the most unlikely place and before we start, I will like to point our attention to the word of God in the scriptures!

    View attachment 26987

    Before then, let's understand the what this is all about. It's BiaFreak program on for Biafrans!

    And what is BiaFreak all about???

    View attachment 26988
    Welcome to Another Episode of the BiaFreak Show on Jackobian. Our goal and mission simple... we are standing by the Positive Development and Welfare of Biafrans worldwide especially those under Demon-Cratic persecution here in Nigeria by the Nigerian Government! Learn more about the show here => BiaFreak - Biafran Secessionist Or No Secessionist, The Truth In The Truth
    Note: If you are new and you want to be part of the show, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

    Also, the Bible said something else.
    What both Bible verses are trying to convey to us is simply that we need people with understanding to lead in every nation.
    A wise old man will not call a feast in the morning. I remember our elderly people saying things like
    Ututu erika Maka Mmanya

    The morning is too young to start drinking. On the flip side, our Youths won't care so much and you'll agree with me.

    That aside, there are many reasons why we need to go back to our Elders but first let's look at our relationship with them so far.

    How Igbos & IPOB work with the elders so Far!

    It's a not so good relationship and that's just the way I will describe it.

    Ohaneze is the elders committee recognized by the federal government in Nigeria.

    So, far while IPOB is agitating for Biafra referendum, Ohaneze has been talking about restructuring!

    Also, some statements by both parties sometimes is simply as bad as it could be.

    Okorocha Rochas described Nnamdi Kanu as a misguided young boy while Nnamdi Kanu himself will refer to the Ohaneze as Ohaneze Ndi ara meaning Ohaneze of mad people!

    Such utterances shows that the two parties, young and old are not united and if I may ask... What message is this sending to onlookers and Nigerians and those that are looking for opportunities to sweep on Biafra?
    In my own opinion and the opinion of everyone who has a sound mind,the current situation is a very bad one and will not get anyone very far. Nothing is ever achieved in division of people meant to be working together and we should appreciate and work with that fact.

    The elders should complement the Youths

    That's how it should be. The voice of the elders should reinforce that of the youths but you'll agree with me that when the elders start appearing to to be following the youths then something is wrong with the situation which is why IPOB in my opinion needs to align with the elders by any means possible and have a common goal.

    Pride on the part of the Elders is not Wrong

    Personally, am of the opinion of that the proscription of IPOB by the Eastern leaders is about the only thing IPOB left them as an option!

    Then they Had their meeting without him and decided to stop his actions not work with him any longer... Kanu today is missing!

    In the same way, moving against the elders as we have been doing will only make them our enemies and it is unwise to have both your elders and the government as your enemies. IPOB ought to realize and accept the truth that the elders have some integrity, pride to protect so we should not expect them to come running after us the youths but as I said it should be a complementary thing

    So Youths of Biafra, I think it's time we have a rethink about what we are doing and turn to seek the face of the elders in a way that will not make us look like servants and make the mission obsolete.

    Good News! Ohaneze is waking up to the Persecution of Biafrans

    ... And this gives more room for a possible understanding between the elders and the youths which is exactly what we should be looking for.
    Yesterday, I shared Biafra News - [video] The Aba Incident Has Spurred Nwodo John & Ohaneze Into Action!

    Sir. Nwodo the president of Ohaneze has been granting TV shows and discussing the problems of our people as it should. He's more outspoken now from my own point of view and information I got has it that he traveled to BBC to do the exact same thing!
    So, they are improving in their active participation towards better life for our people and I have heard him mention Biafra at least once.

    How Biafra can be Achieved with the Elders!
    I don't have the perfect plan many may be looking for but I know that By aligning with the elders now more than ever and sticking together with the same voice, the voice of Biafrans will be heard beyond where they are heard now and it will contribute to the overall progress of the cause @ hand.

    For example, Sir. Nwodo is able to get attention from BBC. That will be difficult for Youths to do but he is able to do it and I believe easily. Such benefits are what IPOB stands to gain by working with the elders.

    Besides, they are more experienced and have better insights into things than our youthful eyes do have. We can benefit from all those as Youths working with them.

    In summary, there's little that Biafrans will lose for creating and understanding and working with the elders of the land but there's so much that can be gained!

    If there's ever a time that both parties need to work together, I think this is the time. And I hope the relationship I dream of come true and stay that way forever in Biafraland!

    That's the message I have for us on BiaFreak today guys.

    Don't forget BiaFreak program is for all Biafrans especially the young ones. I hope to share my own views on how this biafra vision should be pursued by all and sundry.
    I will also love to hear your own views based on the topic we just discussed.
    Do you feel we need to change and embrace the relationship we are supposed to have with Ohaneze and the elders?

    Let me know what you think and what you you!

    If you are new to you need first register before you can participate. Please click here to do so => Sign up | Jackobian Forums
  2. Igbo Extermination Ongoing In Aba, Message To Igbo Elites, Home And Abroad, Sep 15, 2017
  3. Prezzy

    Nigerians, the world we live in is round, or at least something like that and it rotates. when you see evil and shut up, it will eventually rotate and come to you and people will shut up too!


    Hello, you need to see this video. This man is right.
    Igbo extermination is ongoing in Biafraland and IPOB has decided to remain NON-VIOLENT upon everything that the Nigerian army has done to make it look as though they are.

    Not just Igbos but all Biafrans out there should see that this stops and Biafra is restored because someone said...
    We are running away from another Biafra war even though Buhari is bringing it to us. However, if he succeeds, the way the killings are going on, there may be noone left to fight the war in Biafraland.


    So, see the video for yourself and if you want to see where and how(pics and video) Nigerian soldiers have been killing Biafrans, be my guest. check this out
    => [pictures And Videos] Killing Of Unarmed Biafrans By Python Dancers - God Help Biafra!

    Meanwhile, this is the video for every right-thinking Igbo person out there:

    your people are being EXTERMINATED in Aba. If you cant help us, who will you have WHEN WE ARE GONE?

    So, i hope the message is clear.
    Only God can save Biafra however, we all have our part to play.
    peace as you do yours
  4. Touch My Wife, I’ll Kill You - Pastor Adeboye, Sep 4, 2017
  5. Prezzy

    I love this man's words.
    Bro the title did not tell us the extent of what he said.

    He said a lot more meaningful and wonderful things and you could only pick out where a man in love said he would kill for his wife. Lols. You no try o

    Anyways, Jesus died for us for his love, I don't think we should do anything less not just for our partners anyway but for the next person and for the truth!
  6. Which States In Nigeria Are Biafran States?, Aug 26, 2017
  7. Prezzy

    It's alright.
    Now I understand why you were infuriated in the first place but I'll appreciate if we can keep Jackobian like Jackobian.
    Lols. Endless arguments on Facebook doesn't take anybody anywhere and am sure that we are all getting tired of such.

    I have something I'll share with you much later but first...

    I have been to Port Harcourt and I know it's by no means similar to the Igbo states in terms of Infrastructure and the rest of them.
    No wonder Nigeria government cannot abandon their baby city. Lols.

    Myself, I understand why FG would not let go of Port Harcourt and why the battle of Port Harcourt which has been ongoing for as long as anyone cares to imagine in terms of legal, political and other dimensions as Federal government tries as much as possible to paint the city from what it used to be to what they want it to be... Anything but Biafran.

    And I also understand or used to think that Igbos claim Port Harcourt was a Biafran state because of the Same purpose until after a few incidents which I will share below.

    But before then, I will like to make it clear that even if others are interested in whatever Port Harcourt has been blessed with, personally, I can't care less. Lols.

    What I do not know is... The plenty proof of which is a Biafran state of not. Moreover, anything I know, you probably know them too, maybe better.

    But this i know cos I have seen..

    Backtracking... During the Biafran war, Port Harcourt is one of the last stands of Biafran confrontation against Nigerian soldiers.

    I have seen the real clip and that's how I know. Of course, you don't see such clips on YouTube so don't expect to find it out there or anywhere else. If you get lucky, you'll find it and confirm my statement.

    However, the war of Biafra was lost in so many places at different times.
    In Onitsha, Anambra state, Biafrans lost the war SEVERALLY. pushing forth and back every now and then to reclaim the territory.
    Eventually, Onitsha fell.
    Owerri fell.
    Almost all. Major stands fell.

    But Port Harcourt stood till the last days of the war. Port Harcourt was never occupied by Nigerian infantry but Biafran soldiers and some of the hot-headed generals of Biafra were holding the base there.

    One may rightfully ask... If Port Harcourt had no linkages with biafra, how then did Biafran soldiers fight to protect the city setting up camps and bases among women and men of Port Harcourt some of which are still very much alive now for confirmation of this statement?

    So, just to recap, the defense of Port Harcourt by Biafran soldiers remain one of the most historic part of the Biafran war so much that in the last fights, as the documentary had it, a general in the Biafran army almost went mad and committed what may be called suicide of war by throwing himself carelessly into the fight.

    In the end, Port Harcourt fell and so did all other Biafran holdings just before the war ended.

    My statement is subject to VERIFICATION
    by means of survivors of war which are everywhere in Nigeria.
    And also, by means of videos of the war which can be found here and there in secure hands. If you are in doubt, seek those videos and see what happened in Port Harcourt for yourself bro.

    Without dwelling much further on this, haven been to Port Harcourt, their churches and all, I innocently wondered if I was at home.
    From the priest to the members to the next person cannot be distinguished from a full blooded Igbo Man.

    It would Make no meaning to me where anyone belongs if NIGERIA HAD BEEN LIKE I DREAMED WHEN I WAS SMALL.

    Lols. I didn't know what biafra was but as it stands in this country, we don't have any choice but to run home or get swallowed up in the stench of what's going on.
    This is why I do my research to find out and I will draw no lines or make any conclusions on anything but will be as always, willing to learn and be corrected.

    On that note if I had made any mistakes so far, typographical errors and otherwise, you are welcome to correct me, otherwise I think it's time you ask better questions to the elderly around.

    Lastly, I will always stand with a better Nigeria than a good biafra but when a better biafra becomes a possibility realizable only in the dreamland, I chose to be awake korokoro. Lols.

    peace bro.
    Remember, no fighting abeg. Nigerian government is already bringing war to biafra, I think it's wise to save energy for what may come next.
  8. 100 Things Made In Biafra You Didn't Know About!, Aug 22, 2017
  9. Prezzy

    On and on it continues.
    Uhm, I don't think am feeling lazy anymore now.

    Help me continue the list if you wish or open a new thread and show us what Nigeria has if you can.

  10. Ionomy Investment Opportunities, Aug 19, 2017
  11. Prezzy

    ION has a funny TEAM!

    it's becoming more like a joke inside the dashboard the more you look:

    1 month subscription
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    You currently have 0 Atoms.

    6 month subscription
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    You currently have 0 Atoms.

    what does that even mean?
    i understand thy are a gaming crypto but uhm, but this is too much games than i exected.

    i don't really know if i need this so i guess i don't except for 5% staking rate though.
    i guess the best thing is to chill and observe.
  12. Ipob Leader, Nnamdi Kanu Inspects Newly Inaugurated Biafra Secret Service (photos+video), Aug 16, 2017
  13. Prezzy

    This can't be happening again. :crying::crying::crying:

    What is Kanu thinking for goodness sake :cry:
    Preparing for war?
    No. Please. We don't want this abeg!
    Kanu please continue with your quest for referendum, am sure we will get that one but arming these people by whatever means will only mean another biafra war which am not ready to see.

  14. Soldier Caught By Wife After He 'forcefully Slept' With Jss2 Girl On Their Matrimonial Bed, Aug 6, 2017
  15. Prezzy

    What can a man find with a woman and not see that he is looking for in a girl?

    I doubt it's greed bro.
    Or maybe he's greedy because he's never had anything in the first place.

    I just don't buy the idea is swallowing it just the way media presents it.

    Besides I believe that
    a man who's well looked after will not behave in this manner but wives are fond of a new type of punishment for their poor husbands right from time.

    So, we should ask better questions before judging the poor man.
  16. Punch Is Fake, Dailypost May Be Real! Nailing The Buhari-sponsored | Anti-biafra Media, Aug 5, 2017
  17. Prezzy

    AHA. that's why we have a forum anyway. These media guys are fond of throwing their rubbish when they get small money from anyone who cares to fake anything. No doubt they aren't getting anything less than Millions to dish out their rubbish about Biafra. For now, am still observing I think they have so many truthful people there that it's not easy to manipulate their press releases.
    View attachment 23282
    Meanwhile, IPOB has already warned her members about the FakeNess of PunchNigeria. I have found another news website that might be trused.

    have a look at this:

    it seems dailyPost ain't anti-Biafra or maybe they haven't gotten enough offer to start dishing theirs. Lols.
    But for now, i think they can be trusted! If they cannot be trusted, IPOB will still let us know!
    So, stay close and stay calm.
    do not believe everything the media says
    just as Donald Trump advised!
    Indeed common people tell less lies which is why we got a free community here in which each member's report is subject to verification by anyone who could prove he has a better knowledge of the issue at hand.

    So, Stay away from PUNCH on Biafra terms and stay closer to websites like DailyPost.
  18. Omg! Admist D Hard Fork, Genesis Paid Me Some Bitcoins Today [highest Ever] And I Can't Find It!, Jul 31, 2017
  19. Prezzy


    i think someone needs to tell them that some people are practically living off the investments they made here. Well, genesis-mining stopped paying me since 23rd of this month and since then, uhm, it hasn't exactly been the same.

    yeah, Honestly, i have been over most of my other investments doing some checks to make sure that everything in place and seeking for some kind of soft landing JUST IN CASE GENESIS STOPS PAYING!

    Crazy right? but true still and it's my fault because out of lack of proper financial education, i invested much of my portfolio in this singular company much early in my bitcoin journey and since then, it's kind of been the centre of everything.

    Although i knew they were hacked and that my coins are coming back home, hmm, it was not an easy wait.
    I opened a new thread the other day here: Ask - Genesis-mining Paying Again? Have You Received Your Psyout
    Thanks to @gbolahan i got to know they have started paying and just today, ichecked to find my coins BUT THEY WEREN'T BITCOINS BECAUSE I REQUESTED GENESIS TO PAY ME IN LITECOIN AND DASH WHICH IS WHAT THEY DID.

    so, Genesis is back but am not sure am ready to invest there anytime soon!

    Of course not. that's another lie.
    Am investing in Genesis just after the damn fork.

    they aren't going anywhere.