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    Had Jesus Forgotten That He Was God When He Made The Following Statements In The Bible, Nov 27, 2017
  1. Prezzy

    Upon second reading.. I made something out of this. Actually, I picked something out of what you said = BUILDING

    And Jesus Christ said something very important about building as you used it in this case to qualify believers.

    Matthew 7:24-27English Standard Version (ESV)

    24 “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. 26 And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. 27 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.”

    Perhaps bro/sis you were brought to this issue of buildings by things you do not understand so you could come across this passage.

    I think Muslims know the teaching of Jesus Christ, some of it at least. If truly Muslims have his teachings, then all they have to do is live by it or them. Because only then can one be sure that he's laying himself on a solid foundation that shall not fall when the rain or the floods come.

    And For those who hear his words and shy away, the Bible said that their fall will be GREAT.

    I don't know if prophet Isah is Jesus and if Isah teaches at least some of the same things Jesus did. If that's the case, you can learn from prophet Isah but how will you know if he teaches the same thing as Jesus without knowing TRULY who Jesus is?

    And how will you know who Jesus is when the Bible has been convicted of many evil things by Islamic teachers?

    It seems difficult but it's actually simple. Learn the TRUE teachings of Jesus Christ.
    Live by them and you'll indeed be a solid building.

    If however, you let a weak building (product of wrong teachings) to be your own support (another product of wrong teachings), then in the end, when you least expected it, your support will go down and so will you.

    I trust you understand what I have said but if you don't, I can go over it all again in another way.

  2. I Missed Ucoincash + How Not To Miss An Ico!, Nov 25, 2017
  3. Prezzy

    Alright Jackobians, I introduced Ucoincash a while ago and now I learned a lesson from the coin.

    Ever missed an ICO???

    I registered and deposited some money waiting patiently so I can purchase some Ucoincash. Imagine my frustration when I forgot about the ICO yesterday only to remember a few minutes into the ICO.

    As you know, ICOs that are timed such as Ucoincash are very quick to sell out and so, a few minutes late is all you need to miss the whole thing.

    Take a look @ this..

    View attachment 28982

    That friend if mine, am certain, a Jackobian too missed the cryptoxchanger.net ICO too for some reasons.

    So, yes I missed and I have something to share with you that I learned from it.

    How not to Miss an ICO!

    It's not very difficult. All you need is to get yourself to set an alarm!

    The important thing is the part in RED.
    Setting an alarm is Easy but getting yourself to do so is what may be difficult.

    So, do your best to get yourself to set alarm and you'll be able to know before the ICO is on.

    You should set multiple alarms because in my own case, my alarm rang about and hour to the ICO and within that one hour period, I still forgot about it all.

    So, set alert with intervals of 5 minutes till the ICO time and lastly.

    Make sure to open a tab on your browser for the ICO and Do not close it.

    That's my advice.
  4. Beware Of Web Wallets! My Cryptonator Account Just Got Hacked & Drained, Nov 14, 2017
  5. Prezzy

    I logged in today into my cryptonator account which i basically use to do nothing to discover that the account has been drained to the last!

    I didn't anticipate this but i know my mistake:


    so, i think am staying off thes web wallets for a while now.

    hacked!, withdraw successfully!! and everything looks clean!!!
    View attachment 28735

    just don't make my mistakes buddy.
    peace and may God help us to recover from this soon!
  6. Had Jesus Forgotten That He Was God When He Made The Following Statements In The Bible, Nov 9, 2017
  7. Prezzy

    i would not recommend that. i try to imagine sometimes.
    if i or any of us were born into a muslim family, don't you think we will all be equally blind to the truth. of course, we will all be muslims too and if you look at it in that light, you will understand better that GRACE is at work.

    it's by grace that we are born christians and by more grace that we remain real christians. It is yet by same grace that those who aren't saved will be saved which is why the Bible pus it this way:

    take a look at this bro:
    who has qualified you[f] to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light. 13 For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves

    the first verse makes it clear that HE QUALIFIED US (..by grace). we didn't qualify ourselves.
    the second verse makes it even more clearer... we have been rescued and brought into a different kingdom. AGAIN, WE DIDN'T RESCUE OURSELVES.

    ultimately, it's a function of grace and such grace is what we should ask for our Muslim friends while we desist from provoking words such as 'confused' as is common during religious arguments so we do not compromise the duty we have which is to teach and not abuse.

  8. Photos Of Ongoing Road Rehabilitation By Federal Government. #fgatwork, Nov 3, 2017
  9. Prezzy

    i feel like crying for 9ja.
    not even one project in the south east
  10. 1000 Things You Must Know About Biafra - A Seed(biafra) In Fertile Ground(biafrans) Must Surely Grow, Oct 24, 2017
  11. Prezzy

    guys, we are back!
    i hope you are enjoying this and also getting educated.
    what you do with this education is entirely up to you but i think that at least it will open our eyes to who we are and how we came here.

    share with those who may be in need of such and don't forget that all these is in the past and soon enough, our own very lives and actions of today will be in the past too.
    it changes everything. peace
  12. Free Money!!! Here's How Am Getting My Bitcoin Gold (not With Exodus Wallet), Oct 22, 2017
  13. Prezzy

    Afternoon Jackobian cryptics. are you getting ready for the free money???
    please don't tell me that you do not know what i mean but just in case you don't, please ask your questions down below so i can supply you with what you need to know.

    Meanwhile, it's all about free money.. yeah, the Bitcoin hard fork that should be happening in less than 3 days now!
    I already shared a method of ensuring that you get your own bite of the free money that is coming in the form of Bitcoin Gold before and you can check that here: Tutorial - How To Get Free Bitcoin Gold From Upcoming Hard Fork With Exodus Wallet!

    Meanwhile, this is how am getting my Free Gold COins now


    yobit is crazy about Bitcoin Gold as far as i can see.
    Have a look at what their twitter page looks like now:
    View attachment 28037

    am sure they know that they can get some new customers if they support Bitcoin gold Hard fork and so they have done so very openly even as though they are marketing bitcoin gold. lols.=> Crypto News - Yobit Exchange Announcement: Bitcoin Gold Trade In 70 Hrs!

    I asked a question earlier: Will Bittrex & Poloniex Support Bitcoin Gold
    yet to get an answer on that one.. sad.

    so, how do you get the free Money in the form of Bitcoin gold from Yobit?

    It's quite simple actually.
    Just deposit your money into the Yobit exchange wallet and when the fork happens, you will be able to see your Bitcoin gold there!

    that's just it. very simple.
    i hope you know how to deposit on Yobit?

    NOTE: if you have an old account, do well to request for a new Bitcoin address please.

  14. Episode 11: Roads, The Only Thing Biafra Needs To Break Out Of The Dark And How We Can Get It, Oct 19, 2017
  15. Prezzy

    Forget about the companies, let's talk about the roads. Biafra boasts of some of the deadliest roads we have in Nigeria.
    They aren't deadly just because of their nature but also because of their IMPORTANCE because a road which is used only twice in a day by school children in the village has little or no comparison to another upon which millions rely on to get some very basic tools and goods.


    View attachment 27839

    And what is BiaFreak all about???
    Welcome to Another Episode of the BiaFreak Show on Jackobian. Our goal and mission simple... we are standing by the Positive Development and Welfare of Biafrans worldwide especially those under Demon-Cratic persecution here in Nigeria by the Nigerian Government! Learn more about the show here => BiaFreak - Biafran Secessionist Or No Secessionist, The Truth In The Truth
    Note: If you are new and you want to be part of the show, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

    It was Tinubu, the much celebrated Yoruba leader who's also poised to be a candidate of 2019 presidential elections that said:
    That means that planes cannot land on water and
    Heavy lorries cannot run on the air when there are no good roads!

    Needless to say, Biafra and especially the Igbo states is very far behind in terms of development in Nigeria and this has always been the case as it's not by chance. However I will say that it is simply because we didn't know what we know now and now that we know what we know, we need to look for solutions to combat this problem and bring about a lasting solution!

    Let's Talk about what we didn't know which we know Now!

    Yeah, we just like everyone else have always believed in the government that we ELECT into power to do the job of providing the needed social structures in our communities. Of course we are not wrong to expect that. After all, they make all the big big promises before they go into power and we vote for them based on these promises yet almost nothing comes out of it all.
    This is one of the reasons why IPOB said NO ELECTION IN BIAFRA ANYMORE.

    It's a brave one. In fact the proper thing to do.

    Sure we didn't understand that promises by the politicians and the expectations of the government is not realizable in this part of the country for more reasons than one but now we know all those and we know that we will be at the same spot even a century to come if we do nothing to help ourselves.

    Roads and Economy

    Consider a company wishes to launch and produce local goods for consumption, you'll agree with me that a lot of money will be made available for the projects and also a lot of research will be made in the location where it's cited/located.

    Also, imagine there are two possible locations for such a firm but one has an edge over the other in terms of accessibility and road networks.

    The firm will waste little or no time in choosing the more wired community and this is the reason.

    It will save them money that will otherwise be used for construction of roads
    because if those roads are not present, they will have to build them from their own budget in order to do business.

    Better roads linking into and inside the location of such a company ensures little delays and faster/better business.

    Being accessible
    ensures people will easily opt for their products rather than those of other companies in far away places.

    I have seen companies that offer customers almost free and sometimes outright FREE DELIVERY OF PRODUCTS just so they don't have to bother about the cost of transportation.

    Such is the power of road networks when it comes to the business of a company.

    Companies Aside, the Real cost of bad Roads in Biafra - Roads & the business of Igbos

    There is no other business that Igbos have except for businesses itself. The economy thrives solely on this and it has been that way ever since.
    Hence poor roads directly hits the economy of this region real bad because even though it may not be able to stop businesses from operating, it's able to delay and make business very painful!

    Times without number, people's goods worth millions of naira get stuck on the roads risking serious security implications simply because they cannot make it through a particular bad road. It's common around here and I've also seen vehicles that are trapped for days in very bad roads.
    Others have to be completely offloaded then reloaded before the goods can finally make it to their destination thereby making the cost of transportation extremely high and business very painful in some parts of Biafra.

    The roads are meant to be priority since we don't have a Sea port down here, speaking of which, I'll be talking about that soon.

    The Onitsha Sea port Project and 2nd Niger Bridge

    Anambra state, precisely Onitsha & Aba are known to be the most important markets for importation and distribution in Biafra.
    These two places are in a condition as bad as it can be. In my own opinion, they are just above survival conditions however businesses in these places have thrived.

    Onitsha is does not have a load of bad roads but it lacks two major things of which people have been begging the government for years and decades now:
    • The Onitsha Sea port Project
    • 2nd Niger Bridge
    Both projects are long overdue.
    They have all be used as campaign agenda by our politicians who forget about them once they get into power!
    Check out this article: Osinbajo In Anambra State, Declares That 2nd Niger Bridge Will Be Completed

    Osinbajo has already come to Anambra to make noise about the same project they've been dragging over years now. We already know it's sort of a campaign for Buhari's possible 2nd tenure.

    These two structures I've mentioned are pillars upon which a robust system can be built in the Biafra community.

    2nd Niger Bridge will link Anambra to Delta and the sea port will ensure that there's an importation terminal in Biafra.

    God has already blessed Anambra with river Niger. Now taking advantage of it has become a problem which I am of the opinion that it has to be solved not by the government but individuals.

    The Onitsha sea port is the biggest investment anyone or any government can do for the people of Biafra that will have a forever effect on the lives of people not just in Biafra but throughout Nigeria.
    Who will do the needful?

    No good Roads in Biafra?

    Few days ago, I shared a topic, the worst roads in Nigeria.

    There were seven of them. Have a look;
    Benin bypass

    Idoma-Benue highway

    Read more: Here Are The Worst 7 Roads (expressways) In Nigeria

    Where are all the people supposed to be taking care of these roads in nigeria and why must Igbo states account for most of the bad roads?

    Here they Are...

    They are Both Clueless and Highly Uninterested in Developing these Roads!

    1. President Buhari has made it clear that he is still looking for money to embark on projects here: Buhari: We Are Looking For Money To Start 2nd Niger Bridge & Other Projects In Igbo Land

    2. These roads are getting mentions in places where they can get help but Noone is speaking up hard enough for anything to be done about them.

    3. The presidency is not interested in these roads

    4. Our Governors are clueless and powerless on these roads

    Let's address the governors issue here
    I know that many people will blame the governors for not taking care of these major roads. Yes, that's right. They have their work to do which most of them neglect but we should equally understand that these major ones are in the hands of the president and the Federal government.

    A crystal clear example is the case of Governor of Ebonyi state begging Buhari to release the federal government roads to the state government so they can take care of them (in his own state). Can you imagine?

    How could the state government be begging to take over Federal works.?
    It's because of the importance of the roads which they realize and the effects which they feel.

    But will Buhari release these roads to the state governments for development?

    He probably won't and he actually shouldn't.

    He won't because of his apparent love to see people down here suffering as well as Pride and shouldn't because the state government already has enough on their hands to start taking on such projects that will cost hundreds of millions.

    Blaming NOONE

    That is the spirit with which we can progress out of this situation. If we continue blaming the same people whom we know will. Not do anything for us, then we are basically being foolish with some elements of stupidity.

    So, personally, I think the solution to this issue is to stand up and take the bull by the horn!

    What is it that Biafrans can do on their own to better the condition of the roads in their states without the help of anyone?

    That's the important question that we should be asking.
    I don't have any strategy or plans as to how that can be achieved at the moment but there has to be a way.

    Communities have been developing their own internal roads and I think that on a large scale, towns and states can embark on projects and see to their completion too!

    This is a Proposal that can work though.

    We have a lot of rich people here in Biafra and lots of them are also willing to assist their communities. If so, why not state or nation?
    Some would not mind donating millions so that important projects that will be good to people in the state are completed.

    More so. When it comes to the inter-state roads, a lot of businesses people here are suffering from its bad condition and am sure that they won't mind donating handsomely to those projects when they know that they will benefit from it in terms of better business.

    Actually, they don't need to have complete plans that involves finishing the project. They just need to start it and help with come from somewhere even the government and it will be completed.

    That's just one of it.
    So, in this thread, we have been able to cover
    • the state of roads now,
    • importance of roads to industries and customers and businesses in general
    • Neglect of the important by the government
    • A governor's plea to the government to release federal government roads to him
    • A possible but difficult yet possible solution
    • The Onitsha Sea port Project and 2nd Niger Bridge
    I hope you enjoyed this episode of Biafreak and also I hope it got you thinking.
    Please you need to think! Someone has to make this think work somehow and we are the ones.

    If u have any suggestions, don't keep it. Shar it with people. I want to hear it to and discuss it and am willing to pursue it however crazy to the best of my ability
    Here's my personal line: 07037238225

    Meanwhile, we are still going to be discussing biafra under BiaFreak and I pray you tune in and contribute as we aim to make it a daily event for the better-ment of alaigbo.
  16. Episode 6 - Biafrans, We Need To Go Back To Our Elders & Ohaneze, Sep 28, 2017
  17. Prezzy

    It's another cold morning and today, I want us to discuss a very crucial topic which almost Noone talks about. It's about the Igbo elders and the Ohaneze Ndigbo.
    Remember, sometimes the solution lies in the most unlikely place and before we start, I will like to point our attention to the word of God in the scriptures!

    View attachment 26987

    Before then, let's understand the what this is all about. It's BiaFreak program on jackobian.com for Biafrans!

    And what is BiaFreak all about???

    View attachment 26988
    Welcome to Another Episode of the BiaFreak Show on Jackobian. Our goal and mission simple... we are standing by the Positive Development and Welfare of Biafrans worldwide especially those under Demon-Cratic persecution here in Nigeria by the Nigerian Government! Learn more about the show here => BiaFreak - Biafran Secessionist Or No Secessionist, The Truth In The Truth
    Note: If you are new and you want to be part of the show, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

    Also, the Bible said something else.
    What both Bible verses are trying to convey to us is simply that we need people with understanding to lead in every nation.
    A wise old man will not call a feast in the morning. I remember our elderly people saying things like
    Ututu erika Maka Mmanya

    The morning is too young to start drinking. On the flip side, our Youths won't care so much and you'll agree with me.

    That aside, there are many reasons why we need to go back to our Elders but first let's look at our relationship with them so far.

    How Igbos & IPOB work with the elders so Far!

    It's a not so good relationship and that's just the way I will describe it.

    Ohaneze is the elders committee recognized by the federal government in Nigeria.

    So, far while IPOB is agitating for Biafra referendum, Ohaneze has been talking about restructuring!

    Also, some statements by both parties sometimes is simply as bad as it could be.

    Okorocha Rochas described Nnamdi Kanu as a misguided young boy while Nnamdi Kanu himself will refer to the Ohaneze as Ohaneze Ndi ara meaning Ohaneze of mad people!

    Such utterances shows that the two parties, young and old are not united and if I may ask... What message is this sending to onlookers and Nigerians and those that are looking for opportunities to sweep on Biafra?
    In my own opinion and the opinion of everyone who has a sound mind,the current situation is a very bad one and will not get anyone very far. Nothing is ever achieved in division of people meant to be working together and we should appreciate and work with that fact.

    The elders should complement the Youths

    That's how it should be. The voice of the elders should reinforce that of the youths but you'll agree with me that when the elders start appearing to to be following the youths then something is wrong with the situation which is why IPOB in my opinion needs to align with the elders by any means possible and have a common goal.

    Pride on the part of the Elders is not Wrong

    Personally, am of the opinion of that the proscription of IPOB by the Eastern leaders is about the only thing IPOB left them as an option!

    Then they Had their meeting without him and decided to stop his actions not work with him any longer... Kanu today is missing!

    In the same way, moving against the elders as we have been doing will only make them our enemies and it is unwise to have both your elders and the government as your enemies. IPOB ought to realize and accept the truth that the elders have some integrity, pride to protect so we should not expect them to come running after us the youths but as I said it should be a complementary thing

    So Youths of Biafra, I think it's time we have a rethink about what we are doing and turn to seek the face of the elders in a way that will not make us look like servants and make the mission obsolete.

    Good News! Ohaneze is waking up to the Persecution of Biafrans

    ... And this gives more room for a possible understanding between the elders and the youths which is exactly what we should be looking for.
    Yesterday, I shared Biafra News - [video] The Aba Incident Has Spurred Nwodo John & Ohaneze Into Action!

    Sir. Nwodo the president of Ohaneze has been granting TV shows and discussing the problems of our people as it should. He's more outspoken now from my own point of view and information I got has it that he traveled to BBC to do the exact same thing!
    So, they are improving in their active participation towards better life for our people and I have heard him mention Biafra at least once.

    How Biafra can be Achieved with the Elders!
    I don't have the perfect plan many may be looking for but I know that By aligning with the elders now more than ever and sticking together with the same voice, the voice of Biafrans will be heard beyond where they are heard now and it will contribute to the overall progress of the cause @ hand.

    For example, Sir. Nwodo is able to get attention from BBC. That will be difficult for Youths to do but he is able to do it and I believe easily. Such benefits are what IPOB stands to gain by working with the elders.

    Besides, they are more experienced and have better insights into things than our youthful eyes do have. We can benefit from all those as Youths working with them.

    In summary, there's little that Biafrans will lose for creating and understanding and working with the elders of the land but there's so much that can be gained!

    If there's ever a time that both parties need to work together, I think this is the time. And I hope the relationship I dream of come true and stay that way forever in Biafraland!

    That's the message I have for us on BiaFreak today guys.

    Don't forget BiaFreak program is for all Biafrans especially the young ones. I hope to share my own views on how this biafra vision should be pursued by all and sundry.
    I will also love to hear your own views based on the topic we just discussed.
    Do you feel we need to change and embrace the relationship we are supposed to have with Ohaneze and the elders?

    Let me know what you think and what you you!

    If you are new to jackobian.com you need first register before you can participate. Please click here to do so => Sign up | Jackobian Forums
  18. Igbo Extermination Ongoing In Aba, Message To Igbo Elites, Home And Abroad, Sep 15, 2017
  19. Prezzy

    Nigerians, the world we live in is round, or at least something like that and it rotates. when you see evil and shut up, it will eventually rotate and come to you and people will shut up too!


    Hello, you need to see this video. This man is right.
    Igbo extermination is ongoing in Biafraland and IPOB has decided to remain NON-VIOLENT upon everything that the Nigerian army has done to make it look as though they are.

    Not just Igbos but all Biafrans out there should see that this stops and Biafra is restored because someone said...
    We are running away from another Biafra war even though Buhari is bringing it to us. However, if he succeeds, the way the killings are going on, there may be noone left to fight the war in Biafraland.


    So, see the video for yourself and if you want to see where and how(pics and video) Nigerian soldiers have been killing Biafrans, be my guest. check this out
    => [pictures And Videos] Killing Of Unarmed Biafrans By Python Dancers - God Help Biafra!

    Meanwhile, this is the video for every right-thinking Igbo person out there:

    your people are being EXTERMINATED in Aba. If you cant help us, who will you have WHEN WE ARE GONE?

    So, i hope the message is clear.
    Only God can save Biafra however, we all have our part to play.
    peace as you do yours