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    How To Invest In Ico And Make Money - Reverse Engineering The System, Dec 13, 2017 at 10:11 PM
  1. SalimSojay


    Personally, I don't agree with this 100% & I can't recommend it to anyone unless I think the person is smarter than me

    This method is only going to be effective if and only if the person is so smart & really ready to get the coin
    Most of the recent ICOs especially the Lending ICOs usually launch internal Exchange before external exchange(s)

    If you wanna apply this method of buying on launch, you have to be fast with it & ensure you buy in the 1st 5 - 10 minutes of launch. This will require you monitoring all their social media platforms for announcements & staying on the site page prior to the launching of exchange then buy once it's available. Or simply wait for dumpers to dump the coin till it crash a bit, then buy if you think the hype is still high as observed on the Order Table

    Otherwise just ensure you get the coin as early as possible during ICO sale

    That's what I do, & I grab coin mostly on the 1st day of ICO sale

    I consider buying coin after ICO sale a mistake that may be regrettable if the coin refuse to moon.

    @Prezzy & @Derobbie please don't forget that most of these recent ICOs are HYIP in disguise & we all know that their aim is to scam people though they may launch their coin cos what they make from ICO sale is not enough for them due to the greed but they will definitely not last before they pack up

    Let's all have that in mind & don't give room for greed to control us when we are dealing with ICOs.

    I shall create a thread about necessary ICOs Game Rules soon


  2. How I Made $200 Using $36 With Genesis Vision [ico], Dec 13, 2017 at 9:53 PM
  3. SalimSojay


    That's the spirit bro!

    I don't usually invest my $1 in any platform without thorough analysis.
    That's why I missed RegalCoin & HextraCoin ICOs which would have made me more than $10k

    Now I'm free to analyze any ICOs & decide on whether to invest or not

    So far I have spent $2k+ on different ICOs & only one of them : DavorCoin had earned me $1500

    I still have 15 more coins awaiting launching

    Isn't that amazing

    There are great ICOs & there are scam ones

    We should always do our research very well before putting a dime in any of them
    If we can't do that, we should base our decisions on someone we trust have the ample time to do the analysis of all ICOs

    I can help if anyone need advice on that.

    Let's make it with Crypto

  4. Friends Who Study Together Graduate With First Class Together (photos), Dec 13, 2017 at 9:39 AM
  5. Jenero200

    Congratulations are in order for these Nigerian ladies and good friends; Kristine Ekanem, Mobolaji Olorisade, Louisa Michael and one other who bagged First Class degrees from a University in Ghana. One of the excited ladies took to her social media page to share the good news as she wrote; About last weekend. Friends who study together, all bag first class together. God is great ! blackexcellence meetthelatestfirstclassgraduates Firstclasshonours...



  6. How To Get 12 Months Data Bonus For Free On 9mobile, Dec 13, 2017 at 8:59 AM
  7. Gad

    9Mobile is giving free internet data for 12 months for those that buys the brand customized smartphone calle 9Mobile Rhino 2.

    The phone is an entry level Android phone with low-end specs. According to the announcement made on 9Mobile Facebook page which says;

    Get the 9MobileRhino2 on 9Mobile Rhino 2 this Season and also enjoy up to 12 months of FREE data! 9mobileEshop GiveBetaGift9ja

    As you can see, the offer will be only for those that buys the phone this festive season. No word yet about the data size and if their is a limit or speed throttling at certain time. More information will be revealed as time goes on.
  8. 2 Reasons Why You Should Keep An Eye On Xem, Dec 12, 2017 at 6:31 PM
  9. Prezzy

    You know XEM right?
    Learn about it here: Just In - All About X E M

    Guys, Keep an eye on XEM.
    For the past few days,we have seen a lot of accumulations and price spikes and also XEM is coming up with 2 huge news

    1# WeChat wallet will be released on 21st December
    2# CataPult release will be on 31st Dec
  10. Peace Eze Is University Of Louisiana, U.s Overall Outstanding Graduate (photos), Dec 12, 2017 at 4:32 PM
  11. Jenero200

    “I️ am so grateful to have been honored as the UL college of science outstanding graduate and the overall UL outstanding graduate for fall 2017. This has been a long and wonderful journey and I️ am so grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to be a Ragin Cajun
    geauxul nigerianpride beautyandbrains ���”

  12. Tunde Ednut Releases Exclusive Photo Of Bobrisky Being Arrested By Police, Dec 12, 2017 at 3:08 PM
  13. D-termined

    A new photo showing Bobrisky being bundled out of his house by policemen has been released by archnemesis, Tunde Ednut.

    Recall that sometime last month, the crossdresser made headlines when a photo of him at the police station went viral with speculation rife as to how he landed there.

    A proper explanation that satisfies everyone has been so far unavailable, but the new photo does give some context to the arrest.

    Bobrisky claimed he was simply invited for questioning, but judging by the way the photo looks, the word ‘invite’ is being used quite liberally.

    Tunde Ednut took to his Instagram to say;

    “3 WEEKS AGO WHEN BOBRISKY WAS ARRESTED. I HAD THIS PICTURE “EXCLUSIVE” TO ME ON THE DAY HE GOT ARRESTED, BUT I DIDN’T JUST WANNA POST IT, BUT OH WELL THIS IS IT – This was how he was handcuffed and bundled out his “rented” personal house. Jacob locked the gate from outside, they had no choice but to bundle him over the fence. He was not allowed to carry his SNAPCHAT FILTER over the fence. He came on social media to lie to us that it was a lie, he was never handcuffed, he was only taken to Abuja for questioning. He should stop lying. TAG YOUR FRIENDS TO SEE THIS. StopTheLiesBobrisky#SameBlackJeans”

    Check out the photos below

  14. Shocking Photo!! Most Embarrassing Secret Of Bobrisky Shows Up, Dec 12, 2017 at 3:06 PM
  15. D-termined

    How Bobrisky was arrested: Oh wow, this is truly bad publicity for Bobrisky! Tunde Ednut in his recent Instagram post reveals how Bobrisky was arrested in Lagos.

    He wrote.. 3 WEEKS AGO WHEN BOBRISKY WAS ARRESTED. I HAD THIS PICTURE “EXCLUSIVE” TO ME ON THE DAY HE GOT ARRESTED, BUT I DIDN’T JUST WANNA POST IT, BUT OH WELL THIS IS IT This was how he was handcuffed and bundled out his “rented” personal house.

    Jacob locked the gate from outside, they had no choice but to bundle him over the fence. He was not allowed to carry his SNAPCHAT FILTER over the fence.

    He came on social media to lie to us that it was a lie, he was never handcuffed, he was only taken to Abuja for questioning. He should stop lying. TAG YOUR FRIENDS TO SEE THIS. StopTheLiesBobrisky SameBlackJeans
  16. The Roof Is About To Fall As Davido Set To Crown The Succesful Year With ’30 Billion Concert’ In Lag, Dec 12, 2017 at 2:48 PM
  17. D-termined


    The festive season is about to take an interesting turn as Nigerian megastar David Adeleke popularly known as Davido is ready to crown his ‘30 Billion World Tour’ with an earth-shaking concert in the vibrant city of Lagos on 27 December, 2017 at Eko Hotels Convention Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos State.

    This concert will serve as the final stop to Davido’s ongoing ‘30 Billion World Tour’ after series of successful and critically acclaimed performances in cities across Europe and America.

    The award-winning singer, who released 4 major chart-topping hit songs this year namely “Fall”, “IF”, “FIA” and “Like That” has hinted the upcoming Lagos concert will be like no other on a recent post on his Instagram page which read;

    ‘2017 has been crazy! I’ve performed all over the world and now I’m coming home! December 27th is going to be crazy! Lagos, are you ready?? Ticket link in my bio! 30BG 30BillionConcert ThePlug

    While the names of other performing artistes and entertainers at the show haven’t been announced yet, you can guess from the A-list friends Davido has and the amazing talents DMW boasts of, that the lineup will be eclectic and definitely one to watch out for.

    Davido recently bagged The Future Awards Africa 2017’s Prize for Music, where he stated he held no malice against anybody. Last month, he also won the “Best African Act” at the prestigious MOBO Awards.

    Tickets are available for sale exclusively on nairabox.com

    Follow the conversation on social 30BillionConcert
  18. Police: Why We Can't End Sars In Nigeria, Dec 11, 2017 at 10:41 AM
  19. Prezzy

    Force Public Relations Officer, Jimoh Moshood

    The Force Spokesman, Jimoh Moshood, talks about SARS and the complaints against some of its personnel with ADELANI ADEPEGBA

    what is the requirement for enlistment in SARS?

    The Special Anti-Robbery Squad is a specialised unit of the Force that deals with armed robbery, kidnapping, cattle rustling, car snatching and the like; any crime involving use of firearms. Like in Numan, Adamawa State where militia are attacking people, the SARS had been deployed along with other units of the Force. To be in SARS, first, you must be a policeman, a general duty officer, and you must have been in the job for not less than five years. You must also have prerequisite experience before you can be posted to the squad. The officer would also undergo operational training as well as training on handling of suspects. We are quite concerned with the complaints against SARS and that is why the Inspector-General of Police has directed its re-organisation. We know that most of the complaints and allegations against SARS are not always true, but the IG has ordered an investigation to ascertain them. He has also directed that human rights desk be set up in all the state commands to handle rights abuse by SARS operatives. So, the people who started the EndSARS campaign can channel their grievances to the desk officers for investigation. SARS has been in existence for over 40 years and it is essential to the force, so we cannot dismantle it.

    Why did it take the police this long to re-organise the squad despite several allegations against the personnel?

    I won’t argue that it took some time for the re-organisation. Since the IG assumed office, he has been instituting internal reforms in the operation of the force. He also fashioned out some creed which is like our Bible or Quran guiding our work. This creed has been drummed into the operatives and everywhere he goes, he impresses it on the personnel to respect human rights, shun corruption and indiscipline and to be civil. To say it took us long to re-organise the squad would not be correct because when he assumed office, he directed the training of SARS operatives by some civil organisations and the Red Cross. What we are saying is that, some of the complaints in the social media are genuine, and some happened five, six years ago and some are bringing them up now. We know that any organisation that is subject to public opinion has to grapple with the responsibility of educating the public constantly. We can’t say because there are one or two infractions, we should end SARS because if you end SARS, robbers would take over. We appreciate the patriotism of those demanding an end to SARS, but other groups are equally saying, reform SARS. So if they have any complaint against the unit, let them tell us and it would be addressed.

    Since you admitted that some complaints against SARS were genuine, why did you say those behind EndSARS campaign are armed robbers?

    We issued a press release and there was nowhere I mentioned that those calling for end to SARS are armed robbers. I never said that, but people can twist any issue. As a well-bred public relations officer, I would never call anybody armed robber. People should know where the calls are coming from, so anybody that has complaint against SARS should come forward. Like I said, some of them are genuine, but people should follow up on their complaints. We want those behind the campaign against SARS to have a rethink and join us in supporting SARS for the safety of all Nigerians.

    What punishment awaits any SARS operative indicted for professional misconduct?

    We don’t spare anyone found wanting. If anyone is found wanting, the appropriate measure would be taken. In this regard, if it is the rank and file, such officer would be defaulted, or dismissed from the Force if he was indicted for discreditable conduct. Most of the time, what we witnessed is the complainant pleading on behalf of an indicted officer or not showing up in court to give evidence.